I have to confess that I am a really pale person so it was difficult for me to get the perfect golden color since instead of tanning I ended up looking like a shrimp. But when I came to live in these Mayan lands I learned many useful tricks and today I want to share some of these tips to get a perfect tan in Cancun with you. With these tips you can get a beautiful Hollywood-style color.


  • Preparation (Exfoliation)


It’s very important that before you get bronzed you prepare your skin to receive the sun’s rays. Getting an exfoliation before visiting any of the best beaches in Cancun is the first step to follow to obtain a long-lasting and even tan. It’s very easy and you can do it with ingredients that you have at home, for example, you can use sugar with almond or olive oil for better hydration. This will help you to remove the dead skin cells and help you with the dry lines that stand out when we tan. I recommend you do it 2 days before exposing yourself to the sun.



  • Nutrition

You ask yourself, What does this have to do with the perfect tan? Well, it has a lot to do with it, since some foods help you to have a brown color since they contain carotenoids (responsible for the orange color) precursors of vitamin A, which help you to stimulate the  melanin which is responsible for facilitating the tanning. That is why I recommend incorporating carrot, melon, mango, spinach, among others, into your diet.


  • Protection (Blocker and bronzer)


Without a doubt, the sun does a lot of damage to our skin, that is why all doctors always recommend us to use sunscreen, even when we are at home since UV rays always have an effect on our skin. I recommend using a blocker that has a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30, the one that I use has an SPF of 100 that filters out about 99% of UVB rays. You know, more protection reduces the risk of sunburn, skin aging, or cancer.

As for the bronzer, I recommend you choose one that has natural oils, like coconut, olive or carrot for best results.


  • Time to tan!


If you want a long-lasting and perfect tan, put a little sunscreen to prevent your skin from burning and then put some bronzer in that way your skin will  take a golden color faster. It’s recommended to expose ourselves to the sun for 30 minutes or a maximum of one hour and rotate every 15 minutes to obtain a perfect tan, also don’t expose yourself to the sun between noon and 4 in the afternoon since at these hours the rays are more harmful.

A perfect place to tan is at Mandala Beach, it’s the best beach club in Cancun that is located on the seashore and has the best beach in the Caribbean, in addition they have an  excellent service and the food is super yummy, so, beside to obtaining a perfect tan, you will also have a full belly and a happy heart.


  • Hydrate and Rest


After your tanning time, it’s very important that you look for a shade so your skin can rest from exposure to the sun and also you need to put on some sunscreen to avoid redness on the skin as well as your skin will feel fresher. 

To stay hydrated, it’s important that you drink a lot of water during and after tanning, as well as that it’s necessary that you apply creams that help you hydrate your skin to avoid peeling.

Abolengo Cancun is the perfect place to rest and hydrate after a day of tanning at the beach.


Don’t think twice and visit us in this Caribbean paradise where you can use these tips to get a perfect tan.