When traveling, you can meet new cultures, gastronomy, personalities, and all kinds of traditions and unique places you are used to in your daily life. 

The Mexican Caribbean has earned the appreciation and admiration of national and international tourists.

That’s why traveling to Cancun, and Playa del Carmen has become a must.

It is perfect if you want to spend a few days of sunshine enjoying turquoise waters, ideal weather, breathtaking views, hundreds of daytime activities, exceptional nightlife, and the complete experience of Mexico. 

Todo lo que necesitas saber antes de tu vuelo al Caribe

Fortunately, Cancun has become a major international hub, so flying to this city is very easy from any country. So, you can easily reach this incredible destination!

Here is all you need to know before you book your flight to the Caribbean: 

About Cancun Airport

Cancun Airport is the second busiest airport in Mexico, only after Mexico City.

Its three terminals are served by airlines from all over the world, making it very easy to reach this destination. 

Also, it is 15 km from the Cancun hotel zone, so getting from the airport to Cancun city and even to Playa del Carmen (although it is further away) is very easy.

aeropuerto de cancun

Pack your bags 

Remember that each airline has its baggage requirements, so it is essential that before you start packing, you check the weight allowance and if you are allowed to carry any hand luggage into the cabin. 

Now, gather your indispensable items to enjoy the wonders of the Caribbean.

As a travel tip, bring light and fresh clothes!

Todo lo que necesitas saber antes de tu vuelo al Caribe

Pack your favorite foods

It’s a myth that you can’t take food with you on the trip. On the contrary, the only things you can’t take with you are liquids.

So, to avoid starving or waiting food service during your flight, don’t forget to pack some of your favorites snacks. 

Fruits, vegetables, protein bars, or some nuts or almonds are some of the most recommended for your flight.

alimentos favoritos

Wear comfortable clothes on your flight

It seems like a small thing but the clothes you wear for your trip, especially if it is a long flight, should be very comfortable. 

We know that years before, people used to travel with their best outfits.

However, nowadays the most important thing is that you can enjoy your flight all the time. 

Remember that it doesn’t matter if you travel in a hot season, planes usually have air conditioning, so you will always feel fresh.

vuelo a cancun

How to make time pass by

One of the questions that people ask themselves the most is: what will I do during so many hours of flight?

Well, ideally, you should aboard already with activities planned, for example:

  • Read a book for a few hours
  • You can then watch a series or movie that you have previously downloaded to your tablet
  • Plan some of the activities you will do on your trip 
  • Let your creativity flow by doing some writing or drawing
  • Listen to some music 

Todo lo que necesitas saber antes de tu vuelo al Caribe

After reading everything you need to know before your flight to the Caribbean, it’s time to schedule your trip to the Mexican Caribbean coast.

A great experience awaits you!