How many times have you been to Puerto Vallarta during Easter Week? Once, twice, five times or not at all? Top 4 beaches in Puerto Vallarta to spend Easter

Well, it really doesn’t matter much the answer, because if you are looking for an incredible vacation at PV.

You have to check these top 4 beaches in Puerto Vallarta to spend Easter.

One thing you should take into account about Easter week is that the demand for spending it in Puerto Vallarta is quite high.

So, it is smart to consider staying at one of the other beaches that are in the area. 

For starters, we have Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta is the most modern in the area since, as its name says, it was created to extend a little more the affluence zone of Vallarta, focus on hotel and tourism development. 

That is why it is an ideal option if you want to enjoy Easter week in Vallarta since the offer of hotels and resorts is large.

You will surely find something that fits your needs. 

Also, the beach is usually quiet for walking and friendly for a swim or do activities such as paddle or kayak.

Top 4 playas en Puerto Vallarta para pasar Semana Santa

Conchas Chinas Beach

Playa Conchas Chinas is one of the most fascinating and striking beaches in Puerto Vallarta, Bahia de Banderas, and Mexican beaches in general.

The meeting of many ecosystems in one spot, together with its fascinating coastal landscape, has given this place a beauty that you have to see to appreciate.

It is an easily accessible beach from the city center.

Just minutes away from the romantic zone, something that makes it a must-see when touring the region.

There are many hotels, boutiques, restaurants, and businesses that make it the perfect destination to stay during Easter. 

Top 4 playas en Puerto Vallarta para pasar Semana Santa

Beach of the Dead

Playa Los Muertos is Old Vallarta’s main attraction since the beach is full of activity compared to the rest of Vallarta’s beaches and even the entire bay.

Here you can find vendors, activities for everyone, grilled oysters and fish, beers, parasailing, ocean swimming, and many restaurants with exquisite food.

Don’t be discouraged by its unattractive name, as nobody really knows why it’s called that, and all the stories are merely legends.

Top 4 playas en Puerto Vallarta para pasar Semana Santa

Mismaloya Beach

Mismaloya is a small but beautiful sandy beach, located in a cove, in a jungle setting with an exotic atmosphere.

Mismaloya is a beach with crystalline waters and calm waves, which exhibits abundant vegetation around it. It is an especially favorable site for diving, sailing, and water skiing. 

Playa Mismaloya is a perfect place to spend a peaceful day full of sun, enjoying the beach, away from the hustle and bustle of the urban area.

If you want to relax a bit during Easter and get away from the crowds that clutter the other beaches, Mismaloya will be your perfect escape.


Knowing the top 4 beaches in Puerto Vallarta to spend Easter, you will no longer have a problem knowing what to do and where to go.

It all depends on your travel mood and your desire to discover the wonders that surround Puerto Vallarta.