We can agree that Puerto Vallarta has some beautiful beaches hidden in the foothills of its Nayarita mountain range, full of marine life and green waters that blend with the dense and tropical foliage that characterize this area. Top 5 beaches near Puerto Vallarta.

From hidden little beaches that can only be reached by panga or boat, to those miles of shoreline that are ideal for long walks in the amber sunsets of the coast. 

But Puerto Vallarta isn’t the only attractive beach in the area.

So if you’re planning to travel around the Riviera Nayarit, we recommend you visit other coastal wonders near PV. 

lo de marcos

Lo de Marcos

Located 45 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta, Lo de Marcos is a small town that hides a magic thing that not many know… until now.

This friendly place is perfect for those who drive motorhomes to the shore of the beach.

However, people who arrive just for a day end up prolonging their visit because of the charm of this small but beautiful bay that captivates any tourist. 

With greenish see-through waters and a small bay that can be covered on foot in an hour, Lo de Marcos is ideal for activities.

Paddleboarding, surfing, coral diving and you can not miss a visit to the shore-end, where you will find rock formations at the foot of the mountain where the waves break and create natural pools full of small marine life. 



Pure life in Sayulita! This place full of colors, peace, and good vibes will bring out the Bob Marley that lives in you.

Visit this town that has earned international fame over the last decade, and learn to surf on its shore with perfect waves for beginners.

Rent a paddleboard and take the route from Sayulita beach to Playa de Los Muertos.

A small bay is known for having to go through the cheerful pantheon of the village (yes, cheerful because it is always full of colors and flowers). 

san pancho

San Pancho

The real name of this place in San Francisco, but Mexicans call it “Pancho” so no one is spared from the Mexican folklore, not even this small town.

Located 40 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta, San Pancho is the ideal place to make a unique gastronomic tour.

It’s full of small, rustic restaurants with seafood that will make your senses fly. 

el mayto

El  Mayto

Playa Mayto is a little-known virgin beach in Jalisco.

It is a perfect place for ecotourism and for being in a place slightly away from the noisy cities. 

This little corner of Mexico is a rustic paradise.

Tourism is not so common on this beach, nevertheless, you will find all the necessary services to stay a few nights there and to enjoy the view, the climate, and the Mexican food.

Visit the turtle conservation camp, where there is 11 km of coast dedicated solely to the care and protection of this beautiful animal, and where you will be able to participate and witness the process of life and care of sea turtles. 

Playa las Caletas

Las Caletas Beach

It is an isolated but totally beautiful place, located in  Bahía de Banderas.

The beach was not always a place accessible to the public as it was owned by a Hollywood star, John Huston.

This cove has turquoise waters, ideal for bathing or snorkeling and kayaking in its calm waves that will bring you to a state of unparalleled relaxation. 


Now it won’t be enough to stay on the beach at your hotel in Puerto Vallarta if you know all the wonders that are so close.

Dare to visit the Riviera Nayarit and its coastal jewels!