Unique and charming natural wonders surround the Riviera Nayarit.

Light-colored beaches, golden sands, and the best services to enjoy a perfect vacation under the sun.

If you are going to have a vacation in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and you want to visit a beach near the city with peace, good vibes, and breathtaking views, meet this top 5 of the best-hidden beaches in Puerto Vallarta.

Las Animas Beach

This beautiful beach is in the southern part of Puerto Vallarta, with clear waters and white sand that can only be accessed by sea or walking. 

Whether you decide to embark on the adventure by walking from Boca de Tomatlán through the mountains, enjoying the jungle and sea views, or you can take a water taxi that will take you to the beach much faster.

It is a beautiful beach where you can enjoy the tranquility, a delicious meal, and an unforgettable experience on the shores of Mexico.

Top 5 playas escondidas en Puerto Vallarta

Colomitos Beach 

On the way to Playa Las Animas is this beach called Colomitos.

It is a tiny beach that doesn’t have any kind of service.

However, it is perfect for disconnecting for a few hours. Besides, it is surrounded by mountains so that you can appreciate the beautiful color of the green-turquoise water.

You must showcase this beautiful natural treasure in your Instagram stories!

Top 5 playas escondidas en Puerto Vallarta

Las Caletas Beach

It is a private and exclusive beach in Banderas Bay, considered a remote destination since you can only get there by sea.

Here, you can relax or participate in hundreds of activities in this tropical paradise. 

Snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, hiking, animal encounters, and mezcal tasting are some of the activities you can do on this beautiful beach in Puerto Vallarta. 

Top 5 playas escondidas en Puerto Vallarta

Caballo Beach

This beach is in a jungle area, surrounded by vegetation, with light yellow sand and emerald waters. 

It is the perfect beach if you like small and calm waves, besides, you can enjoy an afternoon of relaxation and even create an ideal tan.

You can also practice snorkeling! 

As a tip of the trip, this is a semi-virgin beach, so try to use sunscreen and biodegradable products to avoid damaging the nature of the place.

Top 5 playas escondidas en Puerto Vallarta

Marietas Islands 

The Marietas Islands are a group of uninhabited islands a few miles from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

To access is mandatory to take a specialized tour.

The islands are restricted to a certain number of people to protect the vegetation and beauty of this site. 

You have definitely not seen anything like this paradise destination. 100% recommended!

Top 5 playas escondidas en Puerto Vallarta


Now you know everything about these top 5 hidden beaches in Puerto Vallarta.

Make your itinerary, plan your trip, and enjoy the incredible views of Banderas Bay.