Are you planning a trip to Playa del Carmen this year? Top Playa del Carmen Nightclubs to visit this year

You have probably thought about the beautiful beaches and all-inclusive hotels to relax during your vacation.

Top Playa del Carmen Nightclubs to visit this year

Although you can’t trick us, we also know you’ve thought about the crazy party nights that make Playa del Carmen so famous.

So check out the top Playa del Carmen nightclubs of 2020 to live the party as you like. 


Known as the most glamorous and exclusive nightclub in Playa del Carmen, Mandala takes you to another level.

This is the perfect place for clubbers to enjoy the party with class and good drinks. Music, dance, and fun atmosphere in the best club in Playa del Carmen.

This is the place to let the party take you till dawn!

La Vaquita

The wildest club in the area will make the Spring Break completely crazy.

Thanks to its famous drinks and incredible music, this place is home to the most unstoppable party in the Caribbean.


No party can be complete without the tasty Latin rhythms that Reggaeton produces.

At Rakata, they are specialists in making sure that every hip moves at its own beat.


Palazzo is synonymous with parties in a big way.

The bright disco balls and candlesticks of this club, unfold the red carpet for you to dance under unforgettable party nights. 

Designed for party lovers, this modern club has spectacular shows that will leave you breathless every night accompanied by Electro-Pop beats to dance until dawn.

Now that you know the Top Playa del Carmen Nightclubs to visit this year, you will not hesitate to visit any (or all) of these incredible places to spend unforgettable nights.