When going to a nightclub we meet new people, some of which are great fun and others you just do not want to see ever again. Today I would like to share my experience regarding the ‘Type of people that  you meet at a Nightclub’ with you:


#1- “The Drunk”. The type of guy who believes the bar service is about to stop and drinks so much he loses all reason. This type of person ruins the night for his friends, as they end up having to care for him.

#2-. ‘The great dancer’. My guess is all girls want to dance with him.

#3-.  ‘The boring guy’, who does not like to dance or drink.

#4-.   People that are taking selfies all night long.

#5-.  ‘The Group of friends’ having an amazing night.


#6-. ‘The beautiful woman’. She isn’t interested in flirting and she just wants to dance… but  you can watch her do it.

#7-. ‘The friend of manager’, who wants access to the nightclub the fastest way possible.

#8-. ‘The handsome’ these guys are the reason why I believe in love at first sight.

#9-.  ‘The flirt’ who believes he is the last man on the earth and the most handsome, but isn’t.



#10-.  And finally ‘The VIP Table’. They don’t mingle with others and prefer exclusivity.

Well, this is my list of the type of people you meet at a Nightclub. If you want share other types, please let us know by commenting below.

Blog by @yaqueline_mtz