After more than one year into the covid-19 pandemic, finally many people around the world are already vaccinated and the travel industry is coming alive again! Of course, Cancun -one of the hottest destinations in the world- is ready to open for business this summer 2021. So, if you are planning a trip to this destination because you want to know about its famous nightclubs, you must know the Nightlife and Covid-19 restrictions in Cancun. Keep reading to get all the best travel advice and requirements to enjoy your visit to this wonderful destination in the Mexican Caribbean. 

What do you need to know about traveling to Cancun this summer?

During summer (June to mid July), Cancun is not so crowded like during Spring Break season but you can also find a ton of fun and parties. Summer is the best time to visit Cancun as fresh drinks, toasts with friends, pool sunny days and dancing nights are guaranteed! 

A lot of students choose this destination to celebrate big before starting college, so the ambiance in town -and in the clubs- is youthful and fresh! For sure, you will enjoy a great summer vacay in Cancun! But probably your real question is… Is it safe to visit Cancun this summer 2021 with Covid? Yes it is! 

Traveling to Cancun during covid-19

The first recommendation for travelers is to be vaccinated prior their trip to Cancun -or any destination outside their Countries-. Officially, Mexico doesn’t require testing or quarantine to get into the country, but several protocols must be followed, like temperature checks, to complete health questionnaires at the hotels, restaurants, parks or clubs. 

You will notice that elevated health, hygiene and safety measures are taken in Cancun by everybody -including the nightclubs-. You can read more about the measurements implemented by the nightclubs here

Are nightclubs open in Cancun during covid-19? 

Yes! The nightclubs in Cancun are open -with some restrictions-. All establishments in town must have taken measurements vs coronavirus to be able to operate, and the nightclubs were not the exception! 

Cancun nightclubs measurements vs covid-19 

Let’s start that all clubs have limited capacity, so we highly recommend you to book in advance -with us, of course!- to guarantee you will get access to the club. Consider that almost every night the nightclubs are sold out prior their opening time! 

The use of face masks by partyholics and the club staff is mandatory. You must wear a mask while making your check in and at your table you can take it off, but if you are going to the bathroom or walking around the club areas, you must wear it again. 

Prior to the third wave of covid-19 infections, all you needed to enter the clubs were to use the mask, sanitizing mat, antibacterial gel and your body temperature should be less than 37.5ºC. Now, besides that, you must present a negative covid-19 test or your vaccination card if you want to get access. This way the clubs become a sanitary bubble and are avoiding the spread of the virus. 

In case you don’t have it or your country requires a negative covid-19 test, you must know that several labs and enterprises are offering covid-19 tests. You can find them in the hotels, in front of the nightclubs, at malls, the airport, etc. 

You are now informed about the nightlife and covid-19 restrictions in Cancun. I guess all you need to do is to choose the date when you will arrive at this jewel of the Mexican Caribbean – and be vaccinated in case you don’t-! 

The partyholics crew, we are expecting for you!