I swear I can’t wait any more for the Spring Break in Cancún. I can’t wait to go to one of the Four Loko parties in Mandala Beach and have a great time with all my friends!

Probably you’ve heard that Spring Break is just alcohol and party… YES! But they are not just regular parties, it’s simply the best party holiday in Cancun. I’ll tell you more about it.

The Spring Break 2018 is the most anticipated holiday season of the year that begins at the end of February until the first days of April, in which students from several countries such as the United States, Cánada, México, China and others arrive at different destinations like Daytona Beach, Panama City, Puerto Vallarta and everyone’s favorite and the top spring break destination: Cancún. The spring break season is meant to enjoy it on the beach, boasting great body, refreshing with some drinks and partying all day and night with your friends, because that’s how youth is.

Did you know…? In the 80s the favorite destination to spend the Spring Break was Fort Lauderdale in Florida, but because of the wildness parties, the students had to look for new destinations and I don’t know very well who was the genius who said: ‘What if this year we go on vacation and party in Cancun? Surely many of them didn’t even know where Cancun was, but when they found out that besides the beautiful beaches, its was allowed to drink alcohol at the age of 18, they all started to come to the partyholics paradise. And so it has been year after year since then, every March the city is filled with young people who know how to maximize the party.

And it isn’t surprising that this destination is one of the favorites because it has the essential requirements to have the best holidays: Good weather, beautiful turquoise water beaches, countless activities to do, people from all over the world and of course the clubs in Cancún that are amazing and they know how to keep the partyholics happy.

In general, partyholics love to start the party in the afternoon taking a delicious margarita by the sea, enjoying the live DJ and partying with people from all over the world at the best Beach Club in Cancun: Mandala Beach. And at night of course they continue the party in the best clubs in Cancun like Mandala, The City and La Vaquita.

In a few words I will summarize what is the Spring Break:

Alcohol + Madness + Party + Fun = Spring Break

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