Hello readers, today I want to give you some advice regarding where to eat after you partied in Cancun!
Because after a great night dancing and drinking Martinis or ‘Perlas Negras’ the hunger will be present, as if you had never eaten before. So, to battle this fierce hunger the following places might help you.tr


1. If your party night was at Mandala, La Vaquita, or Mandala Beach I’m sure that a ‘Hot dog’ would be ideal for you. In between the streets fast food stalls are set up, where you can buy hot dogs or hamburgers (and they are very cheap).


Hot dogs


2. Another option is pizza! There are many street vendors outsite of the night clubs in Cancun, ready to calm your hunger.


Slice of pepperoni pizza being removed from whole pizza with tomatoes in background. Isolated on black background.



3. In the corridor that takes you to party center you can find ‘3 Marias’, which is a great place to eat Mexican Food.  Here you can find tortas, tacos, burritos and they are truly delicious.





Now you know where to go to satisfy your hunger after a great night full of party and fun!