Any season of the year is perfect for visiting Los Cabos. But why is visiting Los Cabos in fall is your best option?

If you have the opportunity to visit this destination in every season of the year you will find a lot of wonders.

Fall is perfect for visiting this destination and getting some sun, enjoying the beach and relaxing in the calm waters of the Sea of Cortez. 

Nonetheless, during this season there are also several cultural and adventure activities that you won’t want to miss.

For example:

Los Cabos

  • From September to December, it is ideal for practicing snorkeling and scuba in the coasts of Los Cabos.

The sea maintains warm which is perfect for spending hours exploring the Caribbean Sea.


  • The whales begin to approach the coast during this season, so you may be able to see them if you take a boat or yacht tour. 

Ballenas Los Cabos

  • This season is also the time when sea turtles spawn, so you’ll see one or two turtles on the beach, leaving their future hatchlings at the seashore. 


  • Also, during November, Los Cabos is home to Life Luxe Jazz, an event that features many renowned musicians of great jazz compositions.

Delight yourself with contemporary music while you spend your days in an exceptional beach atmosphere.

Life lux jazz

This event brings together the talents of great national and international artists from both the United States and Canada.

During 4 days you can be part of film presentations and tourist activities in the beauty of Baja California Sur. 

Los Cabos film festival

  • As it is low season, Los Cabos becomes the perfect destination to enjoy tranquility and peace.

Avoid the crowds and know all the attractions that this city offers, especially the nightlife, which has many parties and unique options to have fun during this season.

fiesta en Los Cabos

Now that you know all these options, it’s time to start booking your trip in the fall to end the year as you should. Book now!