5 Things you will find in every Partyholic girl’s purse

A women purse is -and must remain- a mystery to every man…  But here you will find the ultra secret content of a very tiny female partyholic purse:


  1. Lipstick – A woman’s best friend.
  2. Mints and chewing gums – In case of a midnight kiss.
  3. Credit card / Money – Yes! Women also pay the bill.
  4. Cell phone – For that awkward call to your Ex’s.
  5. ID – To get in to the disco and then it is hidden.

Some purses could have more stuff but these are the basics. What are yours? Guys, please share what kind of things your girlfriend always have in her purse.

Music, red lights and Palazzo

Cancun is one of the best cities to party. It´s almost overwhelming how many good parties are here and let´s be real, if you are reading this blog, is because your soul only comforts when you find the perfect club, crowd and music to party hard. For you I am going to prescribe the most incredible party in the town: Palazzo’s Red District Night!

Red District
Everybody loves Wednesdays of Red District Night

Let me just say this first, Palazzo has been purposely built to create the perfect luxurious atmosphere so the guests can easily enjoy themselves whilst experiencing the best sound, lighting and performance. All the time at Palazzo the music is good and dance floor is always full of hot people.

Now, let´s talk about what really concerns us: The Red Distric Night!  What is the special thing about this night? Everything! Parties like the Red Distric Night are what got me interested in the Cancun party scene. It is dark, foggy and focused on having a really good time.

Palazzo Red District Night
Palazzo’s dancer wearing the sexy tape costume.

A lot of nightclubs in Cancun have go-go dancers but the girls of Palazzo were only wearing a tempting and sexy tape costume! They were located around the venue, so it doesn´t matter what part of the club you are, you have an amazing view of them.

Music, red lights and choreographies converge into a very unique night. This is not like a men´s club, far to be tacky, Palazzo has accomplished to create a party like no other.

I stayed the whole night from dance floor to the bar, enjoying the beats and drinks. The variety of delicious cocktails here is remarkable too. If you were at Palazzo Cancun last Wednesday you probably saw us, we were the drunken fools happily dancing together in not perfect harmony.

Another important detail about Palazzo is that all the people there are fun and beautiful, everybody follows the unwritten dress code: be stylish and be awesome. Dancing in the best club with amazing people sounds amazing, isn’t it?

If you not only love party but also expect the very best service and entertainment, Palazzo is where you belong. It doesn´t matter if is midweek, Palazzo must be your number one destination if you want to enjoy the best music, the finest cocktails and a very tempting but sophisticated clubbing night in Cancun.

The worst pickup lines at nightclubs

Flirting is very common at nightclubs in Cancun but you need to be very cleaver and nice when you are approaching to some girl / guy. If you have not been blessed with good conversation skills, you probably appeal to some pre-elaborated phrases, some pickup lines work amazingly and others are just terrible. Now I am going to list the worst pickup lines I ever heard:

Pickup lines
The pickup lines were created by men to hook the interest of females.
  1. “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?” (Yes please, in the opposite direction).
  2. “Is your daddy a baker? Cause you got a nice set of buns” (Really? Please be a little more original).
  3. “Excuse me; can you give me directions… to your hotel/house?” (Nice try, but no!).
  4. “Excuse me, I think you dropped this –and then hand a piece of paper with his name, hotel and room number” (No, it´s not mine and YES! I am sure).
  5. “Nice legs. What time do they open?” (For you, never!).
  6. “Here´s your first wish, what are your other two?” (Dance with that hot boy –pointing a dude in the other side of the disco – would be the first and for you to disappear would be the second).
  7. “Shut up and give me your number” (The only number you will get belongs to the police station, my friend).
  8. “Can I buy you a drink or do you just want the money?” (Really?).
  9. I don´t care about your boyfriend. I´m not the jealous type (Great, let me introduce him to you –That 2 meter tall muscled security guy).
  10. “If you were a fruit you´d be a FINE-apple”(Thank you but it is illegal to date kids).


Girls, if someone has told you another funny pickup line, please comment in here. Guys, are you ready for a revenge? Which is the worst line a girl has told you to get a free drink?

Glowing at Señor Frogs

The philosophy of Señor Frogs is simple: Have fun, let yourself go and unleash your fiesta! That’s exactly what I did last Sunday night at the Glow Party. You could have been to Señor Frogs Cancun before, but this party is out of this world, be prepared to get dirty.

At Senor Frogs the people love to interact with each other!

I´m not sure if the place was crowded because it was summer or just for being Sunday night but even though I arrived early the club was full. The first thing I did was to get a drink –you must try strawberry daiquiris, I drank them the whole night- at the bar located in front of the stage. This bar also works like scenario for bravest girls whom dance on the bar like if someone pay them for that!

While I was dancing with my friends -not over the bar, I am not brave enough-, another partyholic put on a balloon hat in my head and danced around us. At Señor Frogs, people love to interact with each other! At the beginning could be a little disarming but never stop of being funny, if you are coming you must be prepared to laugh hard.

Have fun, let yourself go and unleash your fiesta!

At midnight, the host started the contests. The first one included crowd surfing and the prize was a bottle of whiskey, well actually it was about 6 bottles of different liquors and even a lady participated. The staff made a little show for us and then other contest was announced: The twerking! Actually I am not sure if it was a dance or bikini contest but it was more like a twerking one. Seven sexy girls participated, of course all of them were hot and very good dancers. It was a hard competition and all  men loved it.

The neon paint, contest, drinks and great music are part of Señor Frogs Glow Party.

After this contest and several daiquiris, I was on the perfect mood for more party and Senor Frogs never disappoints me. Neon paint began to fall, it started like a drizzle and everybody jumped and danced following the beats of music. As the paint were covering us, the party became wilder, people cleaned their hands and faces with their t-shirts and the unknown’s clothes! And it was cool; they just smiled back and help you to get dry your face to continue partying.

After the glow paint rain ended, the party went on and on. Everybody danced, made conga line right to tequila shots and just continued having fun. It was like a wild frat party and I wanted it to last forever.

Do you think you’ve been into some crazy parties? Try the Señor Frogs Glow Party and then we talk…

5 ways to cure a hangover

These sunglasses do not fool anyone, you have a hangover! If last night you were enjoying the best party in Cancun, this morning you are probably feeling the havocs of hangover and if you have ever felt it’s consequences you probably pledged “I am going to stay off drink for awhile”.

The word ‘hangover’ is derived from Greek: ‘this is your divine punishment for drinking a lot‘.

If at this point you are thinking nothing and nobody can take away the hangover symptoms from you, keep reading our 5 hangover remedies that actually work:


  1. The Classic
Hangover 5
Sometimes hangover requires heavy artillery.

This option is simple, take two aspirins and drink a lot of serum or mineral water.


  1. The Natural
Hangover 2
Vitamin C and Vitamin Sea

Drink a juice fruit, especially a citric one. Like the sugar levels in the blood drop after drinking alcohol, a juice will help you to feel much better.


  1. The Traditional
hangover 4
Nachos please… With jalapeños, lots of jalapeños!

Feed your stomach with some broth will diminish the hangover effects. In Mexico we love spicy food like chilaquiles, nachos or pancita but a chicken soup with vegetables works perfectly too.


  1. The Naive
MB beer
It’s nota hangover, it’s beer flu.

A restorative beer can be delicious, but is not very smart to attack alcohol with more alcohol, don’t you think? If you still choose this remedy, at least put a lot of lemon on the beer because the Vitamin C is effective detoxifying your liver.


  1. The Essential
mandala 55
Put your bathing suit on and enjoy the day… you are in Cancun!

A bath helps to relieve headache and if you also make an effort to dress up like a star, even better! The fact that you feel awful doesn’t mean you should look the same.


You are not always on vacation in Cancun, so try these remedies and go back to the dance floor! There are a lot parties still waiting for you.

If you know more effective remedies, don’t be selfish and share them below, after tonight we could need them.

Top 5: Summer hits 2015

It is cruel but we must to overcome that summer is over… good bye vacations, bye bye crazy nights, hasta la vista Caribbean beaches… We’ll always have Cancun and the summer hits 2015 to remember it! Check out my list:

  1. The nights – Avicii

This Swedish and talented DJ brought us his father’s advices converted in the summer anthem. Who didn’t sing “One day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember“? Hope you not only have been singing and dancing the song but also listening the lyric; it’s as great as Avicii.


  1. Lean on – Major Lazer and Dj Snake feat. MØ

This song is simply amazing, is the perfect mix of sounds and rhythms, and also is very sticky. By the way, the music video is a kick ass so you probably learned the bollywood choreography to be the coolest guy/girl of the night –I did-. All the Cancun dance clubs played it every night this season.


  1. Blame – Calvin Harris feat. John Newman

“What happens in Cancun stays in Cancun” isn’t always right, especially if you –or your friends- have a Facebook account. Bless you Calvin Harris for this song, it is not only great to dance but also give us the perfect excuse to misbehave and just say: “Don’t blame it on me, blame it on the night”.


  1. Cheerleader – OMI

Sweet lyric, flirtatious rhythm and a melodic voice… those are the ingredients of this song. Can’t speak for the others but this was the hottest track of this summer, the dance floor were always crowded when the trumpets began to play.


  1. El taxi – Osmani García Feat. Pitbull

I ask forgiveness to David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren and Nervo because they are out of my Top 5, but this song was played all the time this Cancun summer 2015. Even if you are not a reggaeton lover, you already know the song about a ‘taxi driver who met a girl when she stopped his taxi for going to the club’. I am pretty much sure that girl was going to The City Cancun.


Do you like my selection? What’s yours? Which song is missing? Share your comments with us!