Accessing and using the website www.MandalaTickets.com, as well as making a reservation through a personalized payment link, implies full acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions.

These "Terms and Conditions" may be amended or modified at any time. Please periodically check this page to review any changes.

The terms "MANDALATICKETS," "MANDALATICKETS.COM," "we," and "our" refer to Mi Perfecta Diversión SA de CV, a Mexican company with Federal Tax Registration PDI160628186, located at Blvd. Kukulcan Km 9.5 Lt 4, Zona Hotelera, Cancun, 77500. The term "You," "users," "clients," or "cardholders" refer to the users of the services offered by MANDALATICKETS.COM through the website www.mandalatickets.com and/or through any other marketing channel currently used or used in the future by MANDALATICKETS.COM to offer services (the "Platform(s)").

MANDALATICKETS.COM is an agency that sells access to establishments / Consumption Centers, whose technological platform allows us to offer and market services from various entertainment service providers (Provider(s) / Consumption Center(s)) to users / clients / cardholders / guests; who, in turn, can inquire about events and services, compare and book them in real-time according to their needs and preferences.

MANDALATICKETS.COM is not the final provider of the services and acts on behalf of and for the account of the Consumption Centers. Therefore, it is not directly or indirectly obliged to the execution of the Service. When you, the client / cardholder / guest, hire the services offered through MANDALATICKETS.COM, you are entering into a contract directly with the Consumption Centers that offer their services through our platform. MANDALATICKETS.COM acts as an intermediary between you and the Consumption Centers.

By hiring any service through MANDALATICKETS.COM, the client guarantees and declares under oath that:

  1. You are of legal age +18;
  2. You expressly accept these Terms and Conditions, which you have fully understood and express your consent to use electronic means;
  3. You have full capacity to enter into contracts;
  4. You only use the platform and site to contract services for yourself.

Before contracting or reserving any service from a consumption center, review the specific conditions of the Consumption Center directly. MANDALATICKETS.COM is not responsible nor does it have any influence over the specific conditions established by each Consumption Center for the provision of their services.

All intellectual property, such as the design of the website, logos and trademarks, written content, images and photographs, videos and animations, music and sound effects, source code, software or applications, databases and data compilation, as well as content protected by third-party copyrights hosted on the MANDALATICKETS.COM site, may be shared only through distributors authorized by MANDALATICKETS.COM. Otherwise, unauthorized use of any of the above elements will be legally pursued in accordance with the Federal Law for the Protection of Industrial Property (LFPI).


1) Legal Drinking Age
We would like to inform you that in order to enter any of the Consumption Centers offered at MANDALATICKETS.COM, it is essential to be of legal drinking age and to have official identification. Minors under 18 years old are only allowed at Mandala Beach Club during daytime events and must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

MANDALATICKETS.COM and each Consumption Center reserve the right to request official identification from the ticket holder (and companions) to verify their identity and age.

2) Right of Admission
The Management of each Consumption Center purchased through MANDALATICKETS.COM reserves the right of admission and/or exclusion to anyone under the influence of drugs, illegal substances, or engaging in any other dangerous and inappropriate behavior. In such cases, neither the Consumption Center nor MANDALATICKETS.COM will reimburse, compensate, or indemnify the "users / customers / cardholders / guests" who have engaged in the aforementioned behaviors.

3) Prohibited Items
For the safety of "users/customers/cardholders/guests," the Consumption Centers sold through MANDALATICKETS.COM reserve the right to conduct inspections prior to entry, including clothing, bags, and any other item deemed necessary. The Consumption Centers also reserve the right to confiscate any material or item considered dangerous or that may disrupt order within the venues. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: jewelry with spikes, offensive prints on clothing, large bags, backpacks, purses, costumes resembling authentic uniforms of public security personnel (police, military, firefighters, security, or medical personnel) to a reasonable extent, weapons or weapon accessories of any kind (including firearms, pepper spray, knives, fake weapons/accessories, whips, lightsabers), and all sharp objects, controlled substances, eye drops, liquid makeup, gum, food or beverages (including alcohol and candies), liquids, vitamins, supplements, over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, medications and products with CBD, THC or any psychotropic substances, drones, cameras (professional/semi-professional)/video cameras (professional/semi-professional), personal computers, remote-controlled toy airplanes, laser pointers, wearable technology, selfie sticks, tobacco, cigars, related products, cigarettes, balloons, markers, pens, or spray paint, flowers, toys, inflatables, glass, cans, glasses, coolers, signs attached to a stick, and any other item that the management deems necessary at that time. This list of examples is illustrative, but not exhaustive. The management reserves all rights to prohibit access or use of any item that may harm the user or any other guest.

Professional and semi-professional audiovisual recording equipment, such as recorders, cameras, camcorders, drones, go pros, etc., may only be used within the premises and corresponding airspace with prior written authorization from Management, Direction, or through the email reservations@mandalaticket.com. This list of examples is illustrative, but not exhaustive.

4) Dress Code
Consumption Centers reserve the right of admission. Please review the dress code for each consumption center located in our FAQs.

Mandala: Casual; The City: Casual; MB (Night): Casual smart. Swimwear allowed only at Beach Party; La Vaquita: informal. Anything is allowed; Abolengo: Casual; Mandala Beach Day: Beach Chic, long pants and jeans are not allowed to access the pool, rigorous swimwear; Chicabal: Elegant Beachwear, long pants, jeans are not allowed to access the pool; D'Cave: strictly casual-formal; Señor Frogs: Casual; Rakata: Casual; Santito Tun Tun: Casual.

5) Rights to Material Captured by Consumption Centers' Photo Staff
By entering the Consumption Centers, it is understood that the "user / customer / cardholder / guest" agrees to be photographed and/or filmed and grants copyright to the reserved Consumption Center and/or MANDALATICKETS.COM so that the resulting material may be used for advertising, commercial, and other purposes as deemed appropriate.

6) Disclaimer for Lost Items
MANDALATICKETS.COM and the Consumption Centers are not responsible for the belongings brought by "users / customers / cardholders / guests" to the establishments and are exempt from indemnifying "user / customer / cardholder / guest" in case of loss of personal items. To assist in providing better service to 'Customers / Guests', we ask that any lost property be reported directly to the Consumption Center as soon as possible, so we can help you recover it promptly.

7) Food and Beverage Menus Shown on MANDALATICKETS.COM
MANDALATICKETS.COM presents a button that directs to the digital menu of the Consumption Centers. The menus should be used for reference only, as prices, drinks, and food displayed are subject to change without prior notice, and all products are subject to availability therefore the applicable prices will be those shown in the Consumer Center.
Menu prices may change in case of a special event or high season.
The prices shown in the menus are in Mexican Pesos.


The confirmation sent by email at the time of making an online purchase is referred to as the Electronic Ticket or e-ticket.

A) Validation of the Electronic Ticket
The only person who can validate a reservation made at MANDALATICKETS.COM is the cardholder, that is, the holder of the card used at the time of making the online reservation. To validate the Electronic Ticket at any of the Consumption Centers offered at MANDALATICKETS.COM, it is essential to present:

  • Electronic ticket printed or shown via smartphone (contains confirmation number, Qr code, venue and date)
  • Cardholder´s Official photo identification (original). Copies or photos will not be accepted.
  • Signed credit card (original) used for payment. Copies or photos will not be accepted.

If the complete documentation mentioned above is not presented and/or if one or more requirements are not met, the reservation will not be validated and will be considered as a no-show. No-shows are not eligible for refunds or compensation.

a) For reservations exceeding $500 USD, an additional charge of $10 MXN may be requested at the reserved Consumption Center on the credit card used for the reservation, for security purposes. If the customer refuses this charge, the reservation will not be validated.

b) To prevent and avoid fraud to customers, MANDALATICKETS.COM and the Consumption Centers reserve the right to make photocopies, take photographs, or make records of any of the aforementioned documents.

Once the payment is processed, and the purchase receipt has been signed on the event day, credit/debit card information will not be stored. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

B) Customer's Limitations on the Use of the Electronic Ticket

The "user / customer / cardholder / guest" declares and guarantees that the tickets purchased through the site are for personal use only and that they are not allowed to resell or trade the ticket(s). The resale of any ticket is grounds for canceling that ticket, and MANDALATICKETS.COM or the Consumption Center may deny entry or remove the ticket holder or beneficiary from the establishment, without being obligated to refund the money or provide any compensation.

Any alteration or modification to the ticket is considered fraud, and the person presenting a modified ticket will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

MANDALATICKETS.COM is not, and will not be, responsible for any lost, stolen, duplicated, or destroyed tickets, and reserves the right to take legal action in case of misuse of tickets.

The "user / customer / cardholder / guest" is informed that the average validation time for reservations is 15 minutes, but entry to the Consumption Center may take an additional 10-15 minutes. In special events, entry time may be longer.

The customer must arrive at the reserved Consumption Center as soon as possible, considering 8:00 PM in Los Cabos, 10:00 PM in Cancún and Playa del Carmen, 9:00 PM in Puerto Vallarta, and 10:00 PM in Tulum, as the start time of service—except for special events, where the start time will be specified on the site. If the property exceeds its maximum capacity, access will be denied without the right to refund or compensation.

C) Modifications to the Electronic Ticket and/or Date Changes
Purchases made through MANDALATICKETS.COM can be modified as long as the change is requested by email to reservations@mandalaticket.com at least 48 hours before the date of the reserved event. It is important to mention that the date refers to the day on which the event will take place, not the event start time.

Date changes may be subject to rate adjustments that must be settled by the customer, either by paying online or directly at the door of the Consumption Center.

D) Changing the Beneficiary/Holder of the Electronic Ticket
As previously established, the cardholder of the credit card used for the reservation is the only person who can validate the Electronic Ticket at the Consumption Center.

If the ticket needs to be transferred to a third party, it is necessary to submit the request by email to reservations@mandalaticket.com at least 48 hours before the event day. Additionally, filling out an "Authorization Letter" and providing a legible copy/photo of the identification of the card holder and the beneficiary, along with any other necessary data as deemed necessary by MANDALATICKETS.COM, is required. If the authorization letter is rejected, the customer or cardholder must present the documentation established in section A to validate the reservation; otherwise, the reservation will not be validated and will be considered a no-show.

E) Customer Cancellation
The cancellation of a ticket or service reserved through MANDALATICKETS.COM must be requested by email to reservations@mandalaticket.com, at least 48 hours before the date of the reserved event/service.

The cancellation charges are as follows and do not include a refund of the non-refundable banking commission:
  • Cancellations requested with 48 hours' notice before the event day will incur a 15% penalty on the total paid online.
  • Cancellations requested with less than 48 hours' notice before the event day will incur a 50% penalty on the total paid online.
  • Cancellations requested on the event day will incur a 100% charge or penalty on the total paid online.

*Please note that the cancellation period refers to the date of the reserved event and not the event's start time.

NON-REFUNDABLE OFFERS AND TICKETS: Some reservations indicate on the product site that they are final. For these cases, refunds, cancellations, or date changes do not apply.

F) No-Show Policy
Tickets are only valid for the date and Consumption Center for which they were reserved and must be claimed/validated by the "user / customer / cardholder / guest" in a timely manner.

When the “cardholder / customer” does not appear to claim the contracted services without prior notice to MANDALATICKETS.COM, their reservation is automatically considered a No-Show, and therefore, no refund will be provided by MANDALATICKETS.COM for the contracted services.

G) Adjustments for Special Events
In the event that a special event is confirmed for the same date and Consumption Center already reserved by a "user / customer / cardholder / guest" they will be notified by email to the account registered at the time of the reservation.

The email will indicate whether it is necessary to pay the difference corresponding to the new price set to enter the event directly at the Consumption Center. If the customer does not wish to pay the difference, they can use the ticket on another date at the same Consumption Center, or they can use it on the same date at an alternative Consumption Center. To learn about alternative options, they must contact the Customer Service directly at reservations@mandalaticket.com.

H) Modification in the Event Calendar
Due to reasons beyond the control of MANDALATICKETS.COM or the Consumption Centers, the event calendar may sometimes need to be changed or modified. In such cases, the "user / customer / cardholder / guest" will be notified by email of such changes. If an event is rescheduled, the sold ticket will be valid for the new event date, but the customer may be required to pay an upgrade.

As an exception, in this situation, and if the ticket holder cannot or does not wish to attend the rescheduled date, they can change their ticket for another event/date by paying the difference, if applicable. In case the customer is not interested in changing the event/date, they can request a full refund of the reservation (excluding the banking commission) to the email reservations@mandalaticket.com with a minimum of 24 hours before the date of the originally reserved event. Requests made after the event date will incur a 50% penalty of the total payment made online.

I) Cancellations by MandalaTickets.com or the Consumption Center
At any time, MANDALATICKETS.COM and/or the Consumption Center reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to cancel any purchase/reservation/electronic ticket without prior notice. In such cases, the amount paid by the Customer (excluding the banking commission) will be refunded, and the reservation will be canceled without prior notice and without any liability to MANDALATICKETS.COM or the Consumption Center.

J) Invoicing
In the event of requiring a tax invoice, it must be requested by email to reservations@mandalaticket.com , providing billing information and the reservation confirmation number. It should be noted that, for fiscal reasons, invoices will be issued only during the month of service purchase, even if the ticket usage date is later. In the case of deposits or bank transfers, invoices must be requested in the same month that the deposit or transfer is made. Invoiced services/reservations are not eligible for refunds or date/event changes.


A) Online Payment
To make the payment for the selected services, the "user / customer / cardholder / guest" will connect with the payment gateway to complete the purchase process. Neither MANDALATICKETS.COM nor the Consumption Center will have access to customers' financial information, except in the case of manual reservations where the information is shared through digital means; in this case, MANDALATICKETS.COM guarantees the correct use of data. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Each payment is made through a secure connection; for more information, please consult the website of our payment platform.


B) Payment Methods
The accepted payment method by MANDALATICKETS.COM is through charging credit or debit cards. Our payment gateway accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards. At the time of making the reservation, the total amount of the purchase plus the banking platform's commission will be charged.

As specified in section A) of Title II, the cardholder is the only authorized person to validate the reservation, and it is essential to present themselves in person with the card used at the time of reservation and with their official identification to collect the event tickets. Copies and photographs will not be accepted.

If the online payment is made with a virtual card, the cardholder must physically present their identification and display their virtual card from their app, as well as the transaction charge in their app's statement.

In the event that the customer cannot prove to be the cardholder or if MANDALATICKETS.COM or the Consumption Center staff considers that the official identification or the credit/debit card has been manipulated, access to the customer will be denied, and no partial or total refund of the previously charged amount will be made, as the customer has accepted the terms and conditions described here.

C) Currency and Exchange Rate
The charge through the MANDALATICKETS.COM banking platform is made through a payment gateway by a banking provider and is made in Mexican Pesos; the exchange rate in relation to the US Dollar is indicated at the bottom of the site.

For purchases from abroad, charges are made in the currency of the country where the card was issued. MANDALATICKETS.COM does not determine the amount that the cardholder's bank will charge to their card as the amount depends on the exchange rate and rate determined by that financial institution.

Refunds made by MANDALATICKETS.COM are in Mexican Pesos, and the amount reflected in the cardholder's account will depend on the exchange rate and rate determined by their financial institution.

D) Check-in Time
MANDALATICKETS.COM recommends to its "user / customer / cardholder / guest" to arrive at the reserved Consumption Center as soon as possible, considering 8:00 PM in Los Cabos, 10:00 PM in Cancún and Playa del Carmen, 9:00 PM in Puerto Vallarta, and 10:00 PM in Tulum, as the start time of service—except for special events where the start time will be specified on the site. In case the property exceeds its maximum capacity, access will be denied without the right to refund or any compensation.

The "users / customers / cardholders / guests" who have reserved a "Consumption" or "Table" service through MANDALATICKETS.COM must show up at the reserved Consumption Center on the day of the event before the maximum check-in time indicated on the site; after this time, the table included in the consumption package will be available for new reservations, and the reservation will not be guaranteed or refunded.

The exact location of the reserved tables will be specified until the customer arrives at the establishment. Tables with specific locations will not be guaranteed.

The "users / customers / cardholders / guests" who have reserved a "Consumption" or "Table" service can use the assigned table for as long as the establishment is open. To confirm the specific hours of each event, please contact a representative of MANDALATICKETS.COM at the email reservations@mandalaticket.com.

E) Inclusions and Exclusions of Products or Services
The inclusions and exclusions of each reservation vary depending on the reserved service and are specified at the time of reservation.

Benefits not specified in these Terms and Conditions are not included, and it is not an obligation of MANDALATICKETS.COM or the Consumption Center to grant them within the reserved service.

Includes: General Access / Valid from 11:00 PM to 3:00 AM* (except for Señor Frog's Vallarta which is from 10PM to 2AM) and includes unlimited domestic drinks from a selected list of Rum, Tequila, Vodka, classic cocktails, and juices. The drink brands included in the open bar vary according to the establishment and may be different despite being posted at the establishment's entrance.
*The open bar schedule may vary depending on the season of visit and must be confirmed with the club.
?Not Included: Table reservation; Premium brands, bottled or canned products; Tips.

Includes: Access; limited entries (according to the reserved zone/table); Limited credit for consumption; Table reservation in the selected zone; Waiter service (tips not included).
Not Included: Specific table location (only zone is guaranteed); Tips.
The limited credit included in the consumption service is not applicable for refunds, returns, or tips. It cannot be used on a different date or at another club or Consumption Center.

Includes: Access only.
Not Included: Table reservation; Any food or drinks or premium brands, bottled or canned products; Tips.

Includes: Access to the Beach Club from 11:00 AM to 5:30 PM in the reserved zone; Limited entries according to the reserved zone; Limited consumption of food and/or drinks according to the site's indications; Access to showers, restrooms; Towel service (requires a $200 MXN deposit, refundable upon towel return).
Not Included: General Access and Golden Pass reservations do not include bed or villa reservations; Tips; Cloakroom service (not available).

Includes: Limited number of bottles and specific brands specified in the reserved package. Please note that the bottles and consumption offered in each package are subject to change without prior notice; Table reservation (without specific and guaranteed zone until 12:00 AM); Waiter service (tips not included).
Not Included: Specific table location; Tips.

Exclusive pre-sale ticket from MandalaTickets.com for the Spring Break season, which requires full prepayment. This drink package is exclusive to the bar area and cannot be added to table reservations. Drinks cannot be shared. Failure to comply with these rules or sharing drinks may result in expulsion from the establishment.
Includes: General access to the venue as indicated in the uploaded option, unlimited domestic drinks (traditional cocktails with tequila, rum, or vodka).
Not included: Table reservations; top-shelf brands, neither bottled nor canned items; tips; transportation.

F) Dissatisfaction with the Service
In the event that during the event, the "user / customer / cardholder / guest" has any doubts or dissatisfaction regarding the reserved service and/or its benefits and inclusions, the event style, music, drink quality, or any other dissatisfaction, they should inquire with the Management of the Consumption Center so that any doubts or dissatisfaction can be resolved at the time of service. Any complaints not reported to the Consumption Center's Management cannot be the basis for future claims or refunds.

G) Personal Belongings
None of the Consumption Centers have lockers for storing suitcases, hand luggage, bags, and other items. We suggest that, before attending the Consumption Centers, you store your belongings and luggage in a nearby location, as the Consumption Center is not responsible for their care.

We urge you to exercise caution and care with your personal belongings during your stay at the Consumption Centers. Please note that neither MANDALATICKETS.COM nor the Consumption Centers can be held responsible for any damage, loss of personal items, or alteration of drinks.

H) General Recommendations and Liability Waiver
The "users / customers / cardholders / guests" acknowledge and accept that attending events at the Consumption Centers involves certain inherent risks and that, by participating in such events, they assume responsibility for their own safety and well-being.

In case of injury or accident, please inform the staff of the Consumption Center as soon as possible. Each Consumption Center offered through MANDALATICKETS.COM has highly qualified personnel to assist in any medical incident. For the busiest events, local medical authorities are present within the Consumption Centers.

MANDALATICKETS.COM recommends all "users / customers / cardholders / guests" to act and drink responsibly within its establishments.

Hotsale Partysale Promotion Terms and Conditions

  • Booking Period: This promotion is valid for table reservations made from Wednesday, May 15, to May 23rd, 2024. Reservations are subject to the availability of tables.
  • Validity Period: The promotion is applicable for stays from March 1 to Friday December 20th, 2024
  • Discount: A 10% discount is provided at the time of payment for table reservations made through MandalaTickets.com, while keeping the total consumption of the table as indicated online.
  • Booking Conditions: The discount applies only to table reservations exceeding $9,000 MXN. It is not applicable to bachelorette party packages, general admission tickets, drink packages, open bars, or local rates (residents).
  • Special Event Exclusions: If a special event or artist is confirmed after the purchase date, a rate adjustment may apply and must be covered by the customer on the day of the event. The discount cannot be used for special events.
  • Change and Cancellation Restrictions: Reservations made with this discount code do not qualify for date changes or cancellations.
  • Price Changes: Prices on the website are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Coupon Requirement: To receive the discount, the coupon must be entered before completing the payment for a reservation. Once a reservation is paid, it is not possible to apply the discount.
These terms and conditions are subject to modifications by MandalaTickets.com without prior notice. By making a reservation on our website, clients agree to these terms and conditions.