• What is the minimum age to access the venues?
    Unless stated otherwise, you must be at least 18 years old and must show an official ID with photograph at the entrance to prove it.
  • How can I reserve/book?
    1.- Choose the city you plan to visit.
    2.- Select the venue you wish to visit.
    3. Choose the service and date you want to purchase. Please note that not all services are available on all dates.
    4.- Click on the BOOK NOW button and follow the steps until you complete the online payment and receive your confirmation by email.
    We have different options to book in any of our locations:
    • Bottle Service - Includes the cover at the nightclub you chose and a minimum spending limit on drinks.
    Prices and conditions may vary at each nightclub, date and location. Our e-Commerce website is the OFFICIAL site to get access to all our venues since Grupo Mandala owns every nightclub listed on this site. There’s no risk involved when purchasing through our website. For further information, please revise our Terms & Conditions and our Private Policy.
  • How can I pay my tickets online?
    You can pay your tickets online with a credit or debit card. If you are using a debit card, make sure you know your daily withdrawal limit.

    IMPORTANT: You must present the physical credit/debit card and your official ID at the door in order to validate your reservation.
  • When will I receive my tickets?
    Immediately! Once you complete your online reservation you will get an email with your e-ticket or confirmation. The day of your reservation, all you need to do is present at the door your confirmation email, official ID, and the credit card you used to purchase.
  • What if I didn’t receive my ticket by email?
    If you have already checked your spam folder and are sure that you did not received your e-ticket, please e-mail us at reservations@mandalaticket.com.
  • What do I need in order to validate an e-ticket?
    On the day of your reservation, it is necessary to present at the door of the venue:
    1. Printed e-ticket or displayed on your smartphone (make sure the confirmation number and the date of the event are legible).
    2. Cardholder / reservation holder’s ID (original, no copies).
    3. Credit card used to book (original, no copies).
  • If I have a charge pending on my card but I didn’t get an email confirmation, do I have a confirmed reservation?
    In the case that you have a pending charge, it is most likely your bank may have put a hold on your credit card and the order may not have gone through. Please contact us at reservations@mandalaticket.com to confirm if the order was completed.
  • Can someone else pick up my tickets at the nightclub?
    No. Only the reservation holder can pick up the tickets by showing a valid photo ID and the credit card used to book.
  • What if I am not the credit card holder?
    If you want to take advantage of the reduced online prices by using a credit card that is not under your name, it is possible! The credit card holder needs to request an authorization form to reservations@mandalaticket.com, fill it in, and send us the filled out form, a copy/photo of her/his ID, and photo/copy of the credit card used to book.
  • What can I do if I can’t complete my purchase?
    1. Please make sure the information on the purchase screen matches the information associated with the credit card account.
    2. For any assistance, please send us an email to reservations@mandalaticket.com, or ask us through our chat!
  • Why do ticket prices change closer to the event?
    Ticket prices may change as the event draws near based on demand. For the best possible price, we encourage you to purchase your tickets as far in advance as you can. The Official Mandala site is the best way to find out about our upcoming events and get the best deals.
  • Can I resell my tickets / packages / table?
    It is against our policy to resell any of our tickets, packages or table reservations. Every transaction is managed directly through us. In the case any abuse or irregularity is detected, the purchase will be canceled and the offender will be prosecuted by the authorities.
  • Can I use my tickets for another date than the one reserved?
    No, your tickets are only valid for the dates of your purchase. However, you can request a change of date with 48 hours’ notice before the date of the event.
  • How can I change the date/name of my ticket?
    Changes to date apply with 48 hours’ notice of the original date reserved. Extra charges may apply. For a change of name, it is required to request and fill out an authorization form and email it back with a copy/photo of the ID and credit card of the reservation holder. You must request any change to your online reservation by email with 48 hours’ notice to reservations@mandalaticket.com
  • Cancellations and Refund Policy:
    Cancellations must be requested via email to reservations@mandalaticket.com at least 48 hours prior to the date of the event/service reserved.
    Cancellations requested at least 48 hours prior to the event will have a total refund, with exception of the bank’s commission (15% of the total amount paid online).
    Cancellations requests made with less than 48 hours’ notice of the event will receive a 50% refund of the total amount paid online.
    Cancellations can't be requested after the date of the event and no refund will apply.
  • How does the Bottle Service Reservation work?
    When you book a table through MandalaTickets.com, you get:
    - Access to the nightclub (each table has a specific number of covers included, extra guests will be required to purchase extra covers).
    - Table* in the reserved area.
    - The total price you paid is credited to purchase bottles or individual drinks from the menu.

    *Grupo Mandala reserves the right to release your table for resale if you have not arrived by 10:00 pm on the night of the event.
    **Tips are not included but are under our client’s discretion.
  • What’s the dress code?
    Unless specified otherwise, the dress code per club is:
    • Mandala: Upscale-Casual
    • The City: Casual. Informal is allowed only on Foam Party.
    • MB (Night Party): Dress to Impress. Fancy Swimwear is allowed on Pool Party.
    • La Vaquita: Informal. Anything goes.
    • Abolengo: Upscale-Casual
    • Señor Frog's: Casual
    • Rakata: Casual
    • Santito Tun Tun: Casual
    • D'Cave: Upscale-Casual
    • Chicabal: Sophisticated and casual-chic beach attire
  • I work for an agency and would like to work with Grupo Mandala…
    Please email us to reservations@mandalaticket.com with your contact information and an approximate number of monthly clients.
  • I need more information…
    Please send us an email to reservations@mandalaticket.com, or asks us through our live chat. A representative will answer your questions as soon as possible.