My little scape to Cancun

A few months ago a friend invited me to Cancun… Honestly, I wasn´t very excited about this trip – I know! Only a girl like me cannot be excited about Cancun, but this is how I am-.


Have you ever seen a blue like this?

Once we arrived, on my first day in Cancun, we decided to go to the beach and we chose Mandala Beach Club Cancun for this ocassion. It was a very nice experience, the food was delicious and the Martinis we ordered were out of this world! Also, the music is perfect! They have a live DJ who played some house beats assuring a relaxing, young and wild ambience!

At Palazzo you will live a memorable party!

That night we went to Palazzo for a special themed party. If you are fan of electronic music and the color red is your favorite, you will love this place. I can’t remember how many bottles we drank that Saturday, but it was definitely a great night out, because suddenly it was 5 am!  So instead of going home, we went to ‘Playa Delfines’ to enjoy the sunrise and it was B E A U T I F U L! As the sun is rising at the horizon you can see how the water turns from black to its famous blue and turquoise colors. This is a Blue Flag Beach (meaning this beach meets certain standard of excellence in areas like safety, amenities and cleanliness) making it the best beach in Cancun to tan your body and swim a little –I did both-.


I took a picture of this newlyweds at Playa Delfines.

Also at Playa Delfines you can find the big ‘CANCUN’ sign and like everyone else I took the mandatory picture to show off once I got back home.

After spending the morning enjoying the sun, we went downtown to the famous Market 28. It is a flea market and prices are cheaper than at the stores in the hotel zone; so I bought some souvenirs for my family & friends. As we were starving we just stopped to eat at a little restaurant there and the food was good too –though I prefer Mandala Beach´s menu-.

For my last whole day in this paradise, we went snorkeling to ‘Isla Mujeres’, I watched many turtles and fishes swimming at  the reef and the only thing I regret about my little trip to Cancun is that I forgot my underwater camera!


Mandala Nightclub was the perfect place to say good bye Cancun!

Of course for my last night I had to go back to the party center, this time my friends and I chose Mandala Nightclub. Something that surprised me a little was that even on Sundays the people celebrate as if it were Friday and they didn’t have to work or study the next day!

This was my first little taste of Cancun, but I will back for more!


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Interesting Halloween facts

This year is running away so fast that I didn´t notice October is already here! And the 10th month of the year comes with my favorite festivity: HALLOWEEN! So I already have a basket full of candies at home for my little neighbors ‘trick or treat’, my costume is ready (this will be a spooky surprise) and also I know the nightclub with the best Halloween party in Cancun: Haunted City by The City!

So, I want to share my enthusiasm for this season with you and maybe these interesting Halloween facts can help me:


  1. The word ‘Halloween’ is short for ‘Hallows´ Evening’ (the evening before All Hallows – November 1st).

2. The famous ‘trick-or treat’ has its origin from the ‘souling’, a medieval Christian tradition where the poor went door-to-door offering prayers for the dead in exchange for ‘soul cakes’ (a small round cake).

This year you might not get soul cakes, but Palazzo Cancun offers 2×1 in Open Bar for all the people that book online and arrive before 10 PM for its party on October 29th.


3. We use ghouls and other spooky costumes, because it was an ancient Celtic belief that disguising as demons or spirits avoids the attention of the real demons and spirits.
In my own experience, in Cancun you can see the best costumes at Dady’O´s Halloween parties.

Resultado de imagen para halloween kitty gif


4. More Halloween’s vocabulary: ‘witch’ comes from old English word ‘wicce’, the meaning is ‘wise woman’.


5. Mexicans, we celebrate ‘Dia de Muertos’ (All Saint’s Day – November 1st) and ‘Todos Santos’ (All Souls’ Day – November 2nd) instead of Traditionally we put an altar with food and drinks for our dead ancestors and go the cementery to visit them as we believe that on these days their souls can visit us. So get ready, because this weekend will last until Wednesday!


So, if you are traveling to Cancun during Halloween season, don’t forget to pack your costume and get ready to be part of the horror parties of Cancun’s nightclubs.

PS. As I mentioned, my costume will be fabulous, so try to find me at The City and if you do, I will give you a special tequila potion!

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One night at SKY PLAYACAR

The last weekend I decided to visit one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Mexico: Playa Del Carmen! As everyone knows going to Playa del Carmen means not only visit its beautiful beaches but also walking on the Fifth Avenue -which is the main street of Playa where you will find everything and it’s perfect to find a good restaurant, shopping and obviously for partying-.



Having so many places to party,  I decided to meet Sky nightclub, the new spot in the12th Av. located on the roof of Mandala Playacar All I can say about my experience is… WOW! Sky is a place like no other! And these are the 5 things I loved about it:

  1. Music: For sure the music is the most important element of a party and here it’s amazing! Really, all night I couldn’t stop dancing and singing, the DJ is so good!
  2. Environment: Sky offers an elegant atmosphere. When I get in, I loved everything: the decor, the view, the music and the good looking people! Everybody was dancing and having a good time.
  3. Decoration: You really have to be at Sky to notice that this place is unique and has beautiful upscale surroundings. The bar caught my attention, each bottle is illuminated and in the middle there’s a screen that make it look super flashy.
  4. Service: From the reception you realize that the place has the best service. Overall the staff was super friendly, helpful and polite. A service like this will make me return for sure!
  5. View: The best of the best, as I mentioned SKY is UNIQUE! It has an awesome view, it is a completely open space located on the roof of Mandala where you can appreciate the view to the best nightlife area.


Certainly Sky Playacar is a more private place than a regular nightclub but it has the best location and service! Sky is where you should probably go if you want to tell your friends you went to one of the best nightclubs in Playa Del Carmen


Blog by our partyholic @adrijgg

The effects of music on your brain

We love party and we love music! And if you put these elements together in Cancun, nothing could be better, right?

But did you know each genre produces a different effect on your brain? Keep reading to learn more about it:



1. Classical Music

Perhaps you have heard that this type of music could make you smarter, however I am sorry to confirm this is false!  Listening to Vivaldi, Bach or Tchaikovsky helps you to concentrate and to learn more easily, but not by osmosis.

If you have a test coming up or need to learn something, study listening classical music, just don´t expect to hear it at Cancun´s nightclubs!


2. EDM

Electronic music is very popular around the world and it is the best you can listen to when you´re working, because it keeps you active and your brain operates at high speed and with clarity. EDM produces happiness so it helps you to socialize easily.

If you are EDM´s fan you must visit Mandala, Palazzo or Dady’O to dance the night away. This season you can get tickets 2×1 for these nightclubs here!


3. Salsa and Latin Music

This kind of music gives the brain a mixture of dopamine and adrenalin; the effect is a feeling of relaxation and stimulation at the same time. The most important positive effect of listening to it, is that it relieves stress and when also dancing salsa, you will increase your lung capacity and get a hot body! If you want to dance some reggaeton or Latin rhythms the best place is La Vaquita Cancun -also come ready to twerk it and dance hip hop-.


4. Rock

Rock music is ideal to work out thanks to its accelerated beats that inject adrenaline into the brain! So, next time you decide to exercise your body choose a rock playlist and burn those calories like a beast!


5. POP

Choose pop music when you want to enjoy a moment, because its melodic chords allow you to best feel joy and happiness. You can dance to the top 40 music at the best nightclubs in Cancun like The City or Mandala.


I personally like all kinds of music, but of course my very favorite is EDM! Which is yours? And your favorite song? Share your answers with us.


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