For a partyholic like me, the best of the Wedding Season is whenever it comes with fabulous weddings – which means bachelorette in Cancun parties! I’m not the type of girl who cries at weddings but I have enjoyed all the ‘last walks on the wild side’ of my now-married-friends, and let me share you the rules you must follow to organize a successful bachelorette in Cancun:


1. The Date

Bachelorette in Cancun

Bachelorette in Cancun

Traditionally the hen party is the night before the big day, but I recommend to schedule it two nights before the wedding day, just to give the bride enough time to rest and to look radiant.


2. Guest list

Bachelorette in Cancun

Oh oh!

The Bachelorette party is a night out for the future bride and her friends, mothers in law are not to be invited, that is what bridal showers are for.


3. The Venue

It must be a club, pub or any place that serves ALCOHOL. Not all the nightclubs in Cancun have special packages for a bachelorette in Cancun, but this Package is a great option. You can choose one top club in town and get some extra benefits – oh yes! Girls, we love to be pampered-.


4. Transportation

Bachelorette in Cancun

Don’t do it please

A limo is cool only in Las Vegas, please don’t rent one in Cancun, it looks a little trashy here.


5. Dress Code

Bachelorette in Cancun

Bride team

Special outfits are never mandatory, but they add fun to the night (specifically sashes, pins and tiaras or headbands)


6. Budget

Bachelorette in Cancun

Girls night out

Regularly the bill and tips are divided between all the girls except the bride. Some grooms pay for their fiancée´s party –lucky girls!-.


7. The couple rules

Bachelorette in Cancun

Girls rules

Before sending a check to that sexy stripper, check with the bride about the rules she and the groom set for their parties:  If she says NO stripper, NO men invited, NO drugs, don’t break the rules just because you want a wild party, please avoid them a problem that could end with the wedding’s cancelation.


8. Photo-shoot

Bachelorette in Cancun

Bachelorette in Cancun

If there´s no limitations for party, you MUST get pictures to remember the moment! Get some inspiration from our Instagram


9. A Super Girl

Bachelorette in Cancun

Super girl

This is the worst role in the party, but someone must be the designated driver to make sure all the crew gets back to your hotel/home safely. I like to call this girl ‘The Super Girl”.


10. Pinky Promise or Golden Rule

Bachelorette in Cancun

Top secret

‘What happens at the Bachelorette in Cancun, stays with the bachelorettes’.

If you are a Maid of Honor, now you are ready to organize your BFF’s last night out as a single lady. If you are a future bride, share this with your Made of Honor and get ready to let your hair down and forget all about your wedding plans for one night.