Today I want to share the most frequent universal lies. I am sure you had heard at least one of them and maybe used more than one yourself:


1. I didn’t go out last night, I stayed at home watching Netflix. (We both know you were at Mandala!)

king of Mandala's dance floor


2. I’ll never drink again in my life. (true… till next weekend)

Hangover after a wild night in cancun's best nightclubs


3. Monday I’ll start my diet. (I never said this Monday… just said Monday)

Mondays are for Mandala Mardi Gras


4. She / He is just my friend. (But we may have some extra benefits)



5. Keep calm, I’m not looking a formal relationship. (The preferred lie of women… actually, she already imagined your wedding day)

A wedding day at Mandala Beach


These are the most frequent universal lies, would you like to add other to our list? Just comment!