We are in the middle of the best season of the year and we all know that the word “summer” cannot be used without other words such as: sun, pool, beach, bikinis, margaritas and Cancun. Do you agree? If you do, then you know the best beach club in Cancun where you should tan your body this summer is Mandala Beach (also known as MB).

But what makes this Cancun beach club special? I think the coolest thing is its amazing view of the beach and the different shades of blue of the sea, for sure you will fall in love with Cancun. Another thing that I love is the music played by the resident DJ, he plays the perfect tropical beats for us to enjoy a pool party with friends during a day when laughs, jokes and games have no end. But besides the super atmosphere and the view, my favorite thing about MB is the food!


And that’s the reason I have listed for you the 5 snacks to try at Mandala Beach Club in Cancun.


  • Buffalo Nachos


Nachos are the perfect starter for partyholics because you can share them with your friends. But I love MB’s nachos because the chicken is seasoned with buffalo sauce and the portion is very generous.


  • Guacamole

Who doesn’t love guacamole? Guacamole is a starter that you should never miss, it is super easy to eat, all you have to do is to take a tortilla chip  and smear it with the avocado sauce and that’s it!  At Mandala Beach they serve the classic guacamole with tortilla chips but it also includes fish crackling. Delicious!


  • Shrimp aguachile

Being under the sunlights or swimming in the pool, makes you crave for something fresh to eat and the perfect dish to taste at Cancun’s favorite beach club is a shrimp aguachile!

For those who do not know what an aguachile is, it consists of marinating and cooking fresh shrimps with salt, pepper, chili and lemon juice. It is served on a corn toast… After you taste it, you will think this is something cooked in heaven. 


  • Chicken fingers


Perhaps it is not fair to include chicken fingers in this top of the 5 snacks you must try at Mandala Beach Club in Cancun, because it is a universal favorite dish… Also, the MB’s chicken fingers haven’t a secret ingredient, but definitely are delicious especially for their sweet mustard dressing -and because they include French fries and we all know that the pairing of chicken and fries has no equal. Another point in favor of chicken fingers is they are easy to eat, it is a very important thing when you are having fun on the beach or at the pool.


A curious fact is that a song called “pollito con papas” (chicken and fries) was very famous in Mexico years ago. 


  • Flank steak tacos


Obviously, tacos cannot be missed from any food ranking list. At Mandala Beach Club the favorites and most requested are the flank steak tacos. These tacos, beside the grilled flank steak, are served with slices of poblano chili & corn, plus guacamole and molcajete sauce. Enjoy them! 


Well, that’s my top 5 of the snacks you should try at Mandala Beach Club Cancun, but since we know that dessert does not go to the stomach but to the heart, I am going to add the dessert:


  • Chocolate cake

Although on the menu there is a fruit plate and ice cream -and according to my friends those desserts are your best option when you are on the beach-, I ordered the chocolate cake as I will never choose a fruit before a tasty slice of chocolate cake. It would be a sin!

I loved this cake, it has that chocolaty and sinful touch that we love. I accompanied it with a carajillo, I think this pairing was what made me enjoy it to the fullest.


If you want to know what other snacks you can enjoy, I share the digital menu of Mandala Beach, obviously they have already implemented the QR menus to avoid unnecessary physical contact, which is one of the recommended measures against the coronavirus in Cancun.


Partyholics, I’m sure you already want to be at this beach club in Cancun and my last tip for you is to book your day pass for Mandala Beach at MandalaTickets because the prices are preferential – cheaper than door prices- and all you paid to book returns in consumption.


I hope the next time you read our articles, you will do it from a MB lounge chair 😉