After many months of confinement, we finally have a little freedom to leave our houses and stop being bored, and we are sure that besides the Covid-19 in Cancun, here you will forget this pandemic.


Let me tell you that Cancún is now reactivating tourism to mitigate the economic impact of the pandemic, and even some places as hotels, restaurants and hotels have already opened their doors; there is still expectation about the opening of venues that tourists would like to visit during their stay, yes, I’m referring to the famous Cancun nightclubs and bars. But don’t worry, visiting Cancún during the pandemic will be amazing because we have 2 very good options for you to enjoy safe and fun nights as both places have implemented all the measures and recommendations established by the WHO.

The first and most recommended is obviously Mandala Beach, it’s the best beach club in Cancun. Here, you can enjoy super delicious food such as ceviches, aguachiles, sushi, tacos, pizza or  hamburgers. The food is really delicious and very recommended, but you can also enjoy exotic drinks lying on your lounge chair or beach bed while delighting your eyes with the beautiful turquoise sea that distinguishes Cancun. MB is a delight for the palate and pupils.


It’s very important to inform you that at this time -and for a limited time-  the entrance to the beach is not allowed by official provision, however, I’m sure that you will enjoy your time at the club so much! Its staff will do everything in their hands to make you feel welcome. A very important thing to mention is that all the staff wear the appropriate protective equipment to guarantee your safety and theirs too, as well, at the club are taken all sanitation measures like the usdo of sanitizing mat, gel application, temperature measurement and use of face masks. About the face masks, you can remove it in your area (lounge chair or bed) but must wear it again to move around the club, you know that if you take care of yourself you take care of everyone.

Definitely you are going to have a great time. Mandala Beach is a completely spectacular place that offers you a unique atmosphere in the company of the music of the moment with gogo dancers creating a better ambiance. 


Keep reading because it is time to reveal our second option: the newest restaurant-bar in Cancun, Abolengo. This place is a really impressive thing, from the design that simulates the perfect tropical mexican lounge to the music that sets the scene. I have to confess that Abolengo Cancun is one of my favorite places in town and what I like most are the delicious rib eye tacos and tostadas of aguachile  which I always maridate with a delicious and original drink, my favorite from its menu one is “el hijo desobediente” (the disobedient son) which includes Rumchata, white rum, mix of pina colada and strawberries, they serve it in a jar and is decorated in the cutest way; I bet you will take a picture of it for your IG and you will order one and another and another.

Now, imagine all I mentioned before plus the best music! It can be hits of the moment or from the 80’s or 90’s, I assure you that you will spend all the night dancing and singing as I do every time I go.


And just like Mandala Beach, Abolengo has all the measures recommended by the WHO. That means that you will have nothing to worry about since you know that you will be completely safe.


My best partyholic advice for you is to book in advance HERE because these places have limited capacity and you don’t wanna stay out of the party because you didn’t make your reservation before your visit.

The best of all is that you can enjoy both! Beach at the day in Mandala Beach and dinner at night in Abolego! 


Although there are unusual times, that doesn’t prohibit us from having fun and besides the coronavirus, Cancun has been able to survive since every business has taken all the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the virus, plus Cancun has been certified as a safe destination which provides tranquility to tourists who come to have fun and discover the magic of the Mexican Caribbean.