Finally the partymuud is back at the Cancun party center, yes partyholics! I’m talking about the opening of Vaquita in Cancun. I am sure that any partyholic who has come to the Mexican Caribbean knows this incredible place or has heard of the most crazy and epic parties that only happen here.


La Vaquita Cancun is one of the favorite clubs of all partyholics around the world and it is more than ready to welcome you to continue being part of the most crazy and unforgettable nights. It’s true that there have been some changes but also many improvements, read on to find out …

Apertura de vaquita en cancun

Okay don’t worry that the atmosphere of this place hasn’t changed at all, it is still the place in Cancun with the best hip-hop, reggae, and reggaeton music, I assure you that you will spend the whole night dancing. Those who already know this place know that what I’m talking about, the staff, the entertainers, the music and the decoration are the perfect match to have one of the best party nights they have ever had. 

Apertura de vaquita cancun

The decoration that distinguishes La Vaquita from the rest nightclubs in Cancun is obviously the most crazy and fun with cow-print patterns, striking colors, an open facade and electrifying lights that reach the other side of the avenue that will surely catch your attention and of course the funniest staff that will be serving you with all the attitude to bring you an incredible time.

Apertura de vaquita cancun

Obviously the liters continue, those are the most famous drinks of La Vaquita Cancun, but now they included a surprise in their menu: Food! Yes, what a deli!  In addition to the delicious drinks you can now enjoy exquisite food such as pizzas, burritos and everyone’s favorites: chicken, flank steak and al pastor TACOS!!!  Food + drinks + party, what a deli combo right? It sounds like a dream and I’m ready to live it.

APertura de vaquita cancun

Yes, the parties, drinks and music continue, but safety also and obviously La Vaquita in Cancun has all the measures, actions and health policies to receive everyone in a healthy and safe environment. All people when entering must wear a face mask, take their temperature at the entrance and use antibacterial gel.


Now you know why I love this place so much? It has everything, I am not lying when I tell you that the parties at La Vaquita are super crazy and epic, but you will never really understand it if you don’t live it on your own, so if you are in Cancun or have a planned trip don’t hesitate to visit it and go out to have fun for a while with all your friends. Oh, and for being one of the most famous clubs in Cancun of course everyone wants to be there but at the moment they have limited space so I recommend you make all your reservations in advance to ensure your place and to enjoy the pre-sale price by reserving at their official website