For some people, the ideal vacation is staying in an all-inclusive hotel where their only concern is deciding what kind of drink they want poolside while they relax all day long. 

But for some, thrill-seekers, the ideal vacation would be an all-inclusive extreme experience; the open bar menu: skydiving, 4×4 vehicles, free falling, and plenty of adrenaline.

Los Cabos has the best scenery and landscapes which seems to have been created for adventure lovers. 

This is why we’ve created this list with five experiences for adrenaline junkies in Los Cabos.

Put your world upside down with bungee jumping

salta en bungee

In Cabo San Lucas, you’ll find a bungee jump point on top of the wild Ekopark Canyon.

You will be able to find diverse extreme activities on top of this canyon, but none of them compare to the most intense of all: Bungee jumping.

Jump from a glass-floored gondola where you can see the shocking height that you’re about to take on.

Become one of the brave few to overcome this amazing feat.

Swim with a Whale Shark

tiburon ballena en los cabos

Although the word “shark” may frighten some, there is nothing dangerous about this gentle sea giant that only approaches these banks to feed on the plankton that abound in the Sea of Cortez.

Swim with them and witness the wonder that this ancestral creature represents for the Los Cabos coast.

Paragliding through the hills of Los Cabos

parapente por las colinas de los cabos

Paragliding is such an unusual experience that you may not see it anywhere else.

It consists of jumping off a relatively high cliff in an air vehicle with two wings on either side.

This height will allow you to appreciate the beauty of Los Cabos from another perspective.

Feel yourself free falling as you parachute down

lanzarte en paracaidas en los cabos

3, 2, 1 Jump! … Nothing better than feeling an extreme freefall from the sky of the Cabo Peninsula.

First, you’ll have a spectacular view of the coast’s crystalline waters before jumping and as you descend.

As if that weren’t enough, you’ll land on one of its beautiful beaches where you can celebrate landing successfully in the company of sports experts.

Tour the dunes in a 4×4

recorre las dunas los cabos

Walking through the desert to discover what is behind the dunes of the Los Cabos wastelands may seem a bit hot and exhausting.

But if you’re in a 4×4 vehicle in which you can drive (almost fly) the dunes of this desertic paradise, it doesn’t sound that bad.

Challenge gravity by jumping at a high speed through these sandy formations and feel the wind from the coast hit your face in this journey filled with adventure and adrenaline for those who prefer a motorized option.


Fill your veins with the excitement of these incredible out of the ordinary experiences and become an extreme sports pioneer in Los Cabos.