Partyholic, now the quarantine is almost ending I’m pretty sure that you want to go on vacation and surely you are wondering, Should I travel to Cancun now? The answer is YES! You should travel to Cancun right now and not just for the simple fact that it’s everyone’s favorite tourist destination in Mexico, but becauseCancun already has all the safety and hygiene measures requested by the WHO.

A curious but very important fact that you have to know is that the Mexican Caribbean have the seal of “Safe Travels”, it means that have all the necessary measures to receive again all the tourists who want to know these Mayan lands.

So even it is safe to travel to Cancun after the coronavirus, we recommend you to keep taking care of yourself by following the recommendations of the authorities such as: keep the social distance, wash your hands frequently, use antibacterial gel when you touch an area that can be high on risk and wear  face masks in public.


A thing you should consider when traveling to Cancun is that the airport is sanitized every day many times to avoid any contagion, as well as fast covid tests are being done to know if you have been infected, so it is very safe. 


It’s also important to say that hotels, restaurants, shops, etc., are taking some of these measures. For example, Mandala Beach and Abolengo, which are some of the establishments that have already opened, are taking these measures. They take your temperature when you enter, they put gel on your hands and you have to use the sanitizing mat that is at the entrance, as well as you have to use your mask until you arrive at your place. I truly enjoyed these two places when I visited Cancun.


To start, Mandala Beach Club is the best beach club you can find in Cancun, the atmosphere is so cool and they have super delicious food, what I like the most is the sushi pizza or the aguachiles with a good drink, matching with the great view of the turquoise sea of the Caribbean.

And then, we have Abolengo Cancun, a restaurant-bar located next to The City Nightclub  (the biggest nightclub in all Latin America but at the moment it’s closed just like Mandala and La Vaquita). In Abolengo you can enjoy some super delicious rib eye tacos – they are my favorites – or its amazing hamburgers and pizzas, but what I like the most about this place are the super original drinks with names from Mexican movies that are served in “jars”, my favorite is “El hijo disobediente” (the disobedient child) or “Campeón sin corona” (champion without crown). It’s something that you definitely have to try!  The music is incredible in Abolengo, the truth is that I love to spend my time singing and dancing.

You need to consider that all establishments have limited space or capacity, so the best idea is to make a reservation in advance. If you want to enjoy any of the fabulous places that I mention, I recommend you book at since it’s the official page and they have the best offers and prices.


I am 100% sure if we follow these new measures and continue to take care of ourselves, we will soon be able to return to the old days; to those days when we were happy and we didn’t know it.


And now that we know all the necessary things to travel to Cancun after covid, it is time to pack your best swimsuits and your sunscreen, because Cancun is more than ready to give you an unforgettable experience! Come ready to enjoy water activities, jungle excursions, to discover Mayan history and to fall in love with the beauty of this  paradise.


See you soon folks!