Winter vacations are the best season to have a getaway on Mexico’s beaches. But, how to choose the right winter getaway in Mexico based on your personality?

Each beach has its style, mood, and identity. 

You don’t know which one to choose?

Don’t worry, we will tell you which is the best beach in Mexico where you should go on vacation according to your personality. 

If you consider yourself an admirer of the Mayan culture and gorgeous beaches, Cancun is the ideal destination for you. 


You know what you want in life and you’re not afraid of getting it, and of course, nothing is more important to you than enjoying a good party. 

Cancun is the ideal spot for your vacations because you’ll experience the party in this city as the best adventure you’ll ever have.

You have great taste and you are always looking for the best things in life, so this is the destination to enjoy a unique end of the year.


If your friends describe you as a nice, sensual and quiet person, the perfect destination for you is Los Cabos. 


You are passionate because you always put your soul in everything you do, especially when you choose your vacation spot.

You tend to be a romantic and adventurous person, and that’s what people love about you. 

Los Cabos will be perfect for this vacation.

You will be able to do many activities such as golf, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Also, you will spend your afternoons observing the most romantic sunsets in the ocean.

If your mood is more adaptable, simple, and frugal, but at the same time fun, Puerto Vallarta will be the option for this season. 


You are very nice and have many friends because you always get the best of yourself in any situation you find yourself in. 

In Puerto Vallarta, you can be the person you always wanted to be.

In this place, you’ll find restaurants, beachfront hotels, and nightclubs where you’ll spend an incredible vacation with your friends.

If your way of being is deep, intense, and energetic, Playa del Carmen is everything you are looking for. 


You are a natural leader, you are always sure of yourself and the decisions you make, that’s why you capture people’s attention by attracting them to you. 

Playa del Carmen is the spot where you can stand out from the rest in the top beach clubs and enjoying all kinds of underwater activities.

Besides, at night you will be able to dazzle as you walk down 5th Avenue and dance the night away at the most exclusive nightclubs of the city. 

escapada de invierno


Now that you know which destination goes with your personality, start planning your trip to have the best winter vacations in the most beautiful beach destinations in Mexico.