I know that you are already planning your next vacation and for sure you are thinking of traveling to Playa del Carmen as it is one of the main tourist places in Mexico. You may be wondering which hotel is the best to stay in? Well, this depends on what you are looking for on your visit, but this blog is especially for those who are looking for fun and party because I’m going to talk about the Partyholic Hotel. Keep reading to know the reasons why you should book your night in Playa del Carmen there.

las mejores Vacaciones son en el hotel partyholic


  • Location.


This hotel is located in the heart of the party zone in Playa, on Calle 12 right next to La Vaquita Nightclub. It’s the perfect place to stay as once you put a foot outside the hotel you’re immediately surrounded by FIESTA! The only hard decision will be to decide which nightclub you want between top nightclubs in Playa del Carmen like Mandala, Abolengo, Santito Tun Tun, Palazzo and Rakata. Plus, it is located one block from 5th Avenue so you have easy access to shops and restaurants.


  • Amenities.


The Partyholic Hotel Playa del Carmen Has many amenities for real partyholics like you! 24-hour reception, a concierge team that will make your visit an unique experience, baggage storage  in case you are passing through but also you want to go and have fun at one of the clubs that I already mentioned above, and something that is super cool is the super delicious continental breakfast -ideal for the morning after a madness night- which is included! 

It also has many free services in the rooms, such as a/c, security box, television, Wi-Fi, beach towels, housekeeping services and for women it has an iron and hair dryer and a makeup mirror, which are necessary and essential utensils for us to look like Goddesses.



  • Fun.


This point is very important, since the Partyholic Hotel is the best combination of fun and comfort, since it has 23 three rooms that are ideal for you to make your own mini party before clubbing in the best nightclubs in Playa del Carmen. As the Partyholic Hotel is destined for a party experience, you will not have to worry about the noise that you can generate in your room since music and fun are welcome at any time of the day.

As you can see, the Partyholic Hotel is the only one in town that never sleeps, so I recommend you book a room here as soon as possible and visit Playa del Carmen, a place that gives you an unforgettable experience during the day with water activities such as surfing, snorkeling, diving, etc., or if you are looking for a cultural trip there are many places close to Playa del Carmen to learn about the Mayan culture, such as Tulum or Coba, but keep in mind that Playa del Carmen is the master of the party nights, so I’m more than sure that you are going to love this hotel since it’s the perfect spot to organize a complete and incredible vacation.


The Covid-19 in Playa del Carmen and around the world has complicated our trips and vacations, one of the many questions that you will surely have is, Should I travel to Playa del Carmen now? I’m sure that reading this blog you will have more confidence to travel to this earthly paradise and enjoy some delicious margaritas by the beach, but, we must continue taking all the necessary measures to protect ourselves.

Playa del carmen

See you in another adventure in another paradise in Mexico folks!