This year is running away so fast that I didn´t notice October is already here! And the 10th month of the year comes with my favorite festivity: HALLOWEEN! So I already have a basket full of candies at home for my little neighbors ‘trick or treat’, my costume is ready (this will be a spooky surprise) and also I know the nightclub with the best Halloween party in Cancun: Haunted City by The City!

So, I want to share my enthusiasm for this season with you and maybe these interesting Halloween facts can help me:

  1. The word ‘Halloween’ is short for ‘Hallows´ Evening’ (the evening before All Hallows – November 1st).

2. The famous ‘trick-or treat’ has its origin from the ‘souling’, a medieval Christian tradition where the poor went door-to-door offering prayers for the dead in exchange for ‘soul cakes’ (a small round cake).

3. We use ghouls and other spooky costumes, because it was an ancient Celtic belief that disguising as demons or spirits avoids the attention of the real demons and spirits.
In my own experience, in Cancun you can see the best costumes at The City Nightclub.

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4. More Halloween’s vocabulary: ‘witch’ comes from old English word ‘wicce’, the meaning is ‘wise woman’.


5. Mexicans, we celebrate ‘Dia de Muertos’ (All Saint’s Day – November 1st) and ‘Todos Santos’ (All Souls’ Day – November 2nd) instead of Traditionally we put an altar with food and drinks for our dead ancestors and go the cementery to visit them as we believe that on these days their souls can visit us. So get ready, because this weekend will last until Wednesday!


So, if you are traveling to Cancun during Halloween season, don’t forget to pack your costume and get ready to be part of the horror parties of Cancun’s nightclubs.

PS. As I mentioned, my costume will be fabulous, so try to find me at The City Nightclub and if you do, I will give you a special tequila potion!

Blog by @Carmarban