When you are visiting a destination famous for its nightlife, like Cancun, you surely want to go to the dives to find out why it is one of the main attractions of this city. And the first question you ask is: ‘What is the best place?’ And as’ the best place ‘depends on who you ask, I advise you to ask for more specific recommendations according to what you like:’ What is the best place to dance reggaeton /salsa / EDM in Cancun? This way they will recommend a place that you will really love.


Today, I have given myself the task of choosing two contrasting, but equally fun places so that on your next vacation to Cancun you choose the one that best suits your taste. To do this, you must answer the following questions:

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What kind of music do you prefer? EDM vs HIP HOP


If your answer is Reggaeton, Hip-Hop or R & B, then La Vaquita Cancun is your place. Every night they play super danceable music, but on ” Hip-Hop ” Thursdays you are going to fall in love. But this club is not just about the music, because the entertainer is spending the night diverting and engaging everyone and even organizes competitions. The dancers are very beautiful and both men and women admire their wiggles while enjoying the famous ‘liters’ – here the measure of the drinks is per liter. Whenever you feel like partying – no matter what day of the week it is – visit La Vaquita, where you will always have a lot of fun.


On the other hand, if you prefer electronic music, House, EDM, you are going to love Palazzo Cancún. I clarify that it is not the only type of music played at this club, because they also play top 40 – including reggaeton and other popular songs, but electronic beats predominate.

Although many prefer to go to Palazzo on Saturdays to join the Red District Night, my favorite night to visit Palazzo is Wednesdays featuring the Neon Party. Neon lights, go-gos, your favorite musical genres and dancing at one of the best discos in Cancun, what more could you want?


If you still haven’t decided which club to go to … Continue reading.

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What do you prefer about a night at the club?


If you like both types of music, then it’s time to focus on our mood and the type of party that we are looking for, since the environments of Palazzo and La Vaquita are totally different.


The festivities at Palazzo are glamorous, with chandeliers, champagne and sophisticated drinks. At Palazzo you feel like you are at the most exclusive party in Mexico. Palazzo nights are the ones that make you feel like breaking the rules and letting yourself be carried away by the music while you dance on the dance floor surrounded by beautiful people.


In La Vaquita the atmosphere is more informal and casual, and it is very likely that at the end of the night you will be friends with the staff. Every night is different, one day you can arrive and for no reason everyone is disguised in the style of the 60s and the next day something completely different. The only thing that is guaranteed night after night is that the parties at La Vaquita are daring, wild and memorable.


Have you made up your mind yet? No? Well, move on to the next question.

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Do you feel like dancing or getting drunk?


Although both places are great for both dancing and living the drunkenness of your life, these are my partyholic impressions:


La Vaquita is characterized by having one of the best environments to be on the dance floor all night. Why? The music selection! DJs play sets that do not slow down until the floor has been polished. You don’t know how to dance? No problem, go, have fun, live the best night of your life … Surely you will find someone to teach you to dance, even the same Vaquita could show you a few steps with which you will triumph all night.


On the other hand, in Palazzo the fun is more in groups-or so I have noticed. You see groups of girls and handsome boys who all go to the dance floor and then return to their table to refresh themselves before returning to dance with their group or with the new acquaintances of that night. However, I’m not saying that if you go by yourself, you’re not going to have a good time, here you can find everything. What I like most about this place, besides the fascinating playlist of their DJ, is the service they offer; the waiters and bartenders are super friendly and attentive.

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Do you like to start the party early?


Although the Cancun nightclubs open around 11 pm, if you like to start early, then go to La Vaquita as it opens starting at 9:30 pm. And since not all Cancun nightclubs open every day of the week, you can choose to make La Vaquita your place for the pre-drinks and get to another location already ‘set’.


An alternative for the early risers of the party is the Madness Tour, the best club crawl of Cancun that precisely begins in La Vaquita and will take you to 2 or 3 more discos in one night.


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In the opinion of a partyholic, each one of these places has a distinctive twist that makes it special among the rest of the nightlife options of the city. If you only have the opportunity to know one club, choose the one that best suits your tastes. If you are in Cancun for several days, take the opportunity to get to know both or even all clubs by buying a party pack.


Take advantage of being in Cancun, free the partyholic you carry inside and let yourself discover what kind of party you prefer, what dance you like the most and what kind of partygoer you are. In addition to enjoying a fun evening, you may meet your soul mate in the middle of the dance floor or at one side at the drinks bar … The opportunities are endless for a partyholic.


Blog by Charly -”The Partyholic”.