The choice of your favorite drink says a lot about your personality, some drinks reveal that you are shameless while others convey how sophisticated and polished you are. What your choice of drinks said about your personality

In Mandala Tickets, we like to spread laughs and good times, and with this article, you will discover what your taste in alcoholic beverages says about you!

Lo que tu preferencia en drinks dice de tu personalidad


We are all aware that tequila is one strong drink, and that’s why we consider that it’s the daredevils’ favorite.

The guy that chooses to drink tequila is usually the adventurer who is always ready to explore and live the moment, his acquaintances admire him, and his humility makes him clueless about the admiration they have for his hunger for adventure. 

It is effortless for tequila lovers to make new friends since they are magnetic people who spread their charm with their stories from their eventful past. 

Lo que tu preferencia en drinks dice de tu personalidad


Beer drinkers win the prize for being the most relaxed.

They crack open and drink their brews with such a pleasure that hours later, they wonder how they ended up so incredibly wasted.

At first, they may appear to be calm individuals, but it is only a matter of time before the uproar begins.

They like to be spontaneous and energetic in their conversations.



Calm idealists are those people who tend to choose vodka as their preferred alcoholic beverage.

Their endless conversations tend to be inspiring and respectful, and when a person decides to drink vodka, it’s because they like familiarity.

It’s funny how, for many of us, our first drunken nights had something to do with vodka…

Also, the delicious fruity combinations that can be made with vodka never fail to bring a good time.

Reliability is part of the charm that vodka drinkers love so much. 



Gin is the preferred drink of the freethinkers, who don’t care what others have to say.

The attitude gin drinkers posses are unique and unconventional but they wouldn’t change for the world.

They hate small talk and meaningless jokes, always looking to make a more intimate connection by discussing the meaning of life. 



Whiskey is the drink of the confident folks, the ones who know where they come from, and where they are going.

Their confidence is based on their sophisticated simplicity.

In general, they are excellent people and resource managers with a slight air of superiority. 

Lo que tu preferencia en drinks dice de tu personalidad


Absinthe aficionados are people who like to forget about the past and not think about the future, they live exclusively for the moment.

On the other hand, they are intelligent people and know how to trust their instincts, which makes them hilarious individuals, always surprising their friends with a daring move that never fails to bring laughter to the party. 


Wine & Champagne

If you like to portray your image with a sophisticated touch, you are surely a wine lover.

Wine fans tend to be introverted but incredibly romantic people, and that duality is what makes them the ideal intimate partner.

They know how to listen with a great deal of empathy and always seem to give the perfect advice.

Champagne enthusiasts, on the other hand, have the same qualities but with a higher touch of charisma and leadership.

They invariably maintain their essence as leaders with their sophisticated attitude and a high degree of empathy.

In conclusion, the shape of the glass is a reflection of their personality.  



If you’re the most energetic person at the party, you’re sure to be a big fan of the famous Jager-Red Bull mix.

This explosive beverage is a reflection of your personality; bold, imaginative, and of strong character.

If a Jager fan encounters a problem in his life he always finds the solution, he’s the kind of responsible person who if asked for an assignment or a favor you know they will deliver the goods.

They have a sweet side to their personality, which makes them a magnetic type. 



In general, rum lovers are prone to have a personality with masculine traits.

They are admired by their friends for their strong willpower, and at a party, rum drinkers are the ones who follow through until sunrise.

Their very nature makes them independent people who are not afraid of loneliness. 


We hope you have discovered some fun qualities about your personality in this blog.

We used the 16 personality types according to the Myers-Briggs test, all to help you to genuinely unfold at parties after this hilarious introspective process.