Partyholics, how and where are you doing with this quarantine? I decided to stay  in my beautiful Cancun and although it is a real paradise, being locked up at home for more than 120 days stops being fun.


Talking about Cancun means talking about 5-star hotels, international cuisine, shopping, jungle tours, and sun and sand.

Oh yeah! What I missed the most during my confinement by the covid-19 in Cancun, was being so close and so far from the beach.


Fortunately, on July 16, one of my favorite places in the Mexican Caribbean reopened its doors: Mandala Beach Club Cancun. And obviously that day I was there to enjoy its comfy facilities, the pool, the sun and to eat and drink like a pirate. 

What can you expect from your visit to Mandala Beach?


The first and most important thing to mention is that this Cancun’s beach club has been certified and follows all the recommendations of the WHO and the Government that guarantee the safety of all partyholics and mermaids that visit it.


The experience is completely new without losing its fun style. The people of Mandala Beach took care that these new protocols are partyholic-friendly and prevent the spread of coronavirus in Cancun.


Upon arrival, in addition to checking your temperature (no higher than 37.5 ºC), you must use sanitizing gel on your hands and use the sanitizing mat. Now instead of having your bag checked by a person, now you just take out your things – like in the airport – and if you want gel or sanitizer before putting them in, the security person will provide it for you.


Since your lounge chair or beach bed is assigned, you can take off your mask, but if you are going to be walking by the club, the recommendation is to put it back on. Your lounge chair is previously sanitized, and the staff will sanitize it again when it is assigned to you and during the day your waiter will offer sanitization or you can request it as many times as you want.


I brought my own towel -because it is pink and I wanted some photos with it for my IG-, but I observed that now the towels are given with a protection that guarantees that it is sanitized and no one else has direct contact with it.


Something that I loved is that now you have the menu in your smartphone (you download it with a QR code) so at all times you have it at your disposal. I am a guzzler and being under the sun lights awakens my appetite and because this was my first escapade after quarantine, my friends and I decided to pamper our palates with everything that we wanted. My favorite dishes were the tacos de castacan (which is the pork rinds but with meat -ufff delicious-), the Mexican ceviche and the drunk toast prepared with tuna. And everything came to our table covered with cloche to avoid contact with air.

Like a real partyholic, we kept our bodies hydrated with frozen margaritas – we tried the lemon, mango and strawberry margaritas, the strawberry ones were our favorites-.


About the access to the pools, the management informed us there is limited capacity in each pool of the club – there are 3, so no one stayed without enjoying a little swim.- Although I spent more time in the jacuzzi than in the pool.


What I think has changed the most is that access to the beach at the moment is not allowed by government order -this is a temporary measure-.. So you can not go to the sea, but with the atmosphere in the club it is not necessary. I was very happy to see the turquoise colors of the sea in the distance.


That was my experience at Mandala Beach before the covid-19 in Cancun. And I must tell you that I had a very pleasant and fun day, I felt safe and secure all time and want to repeat it again. If you have already convinced yourself to go, click here to know the access costs.


Partyholics, keep checking our blog to know our next adventure.