This Saturday August 26th the most expected fight McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather will happen; this event has created high expectations between the fans and it is already called as ‘the fight of the century’.


If you can not go to Las Vegas to watch this fight in the front row, don’t worry because I share with you the best plan B ever: Cancun + Watching the fight at Señor Frogs + Open Bar Included + After Party at La Vaquita. There’s nothing like Señor Frogs Cancun and its friendly and casual ambiance to enjoy the show, specially if unlimited drinks and appetizers are included!


If you want to know more about the fighters, here is a resumé:

Connor McGregor is a professional fighter in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). He’s famous for his innumerable knockouts and also for his strange sense of style outside the ring.

In the other side, the best-paid boxer in boxing history: Floyd Mayweather. At 2015, he retired unbeaten (49 victories vs 0 defeats ), his return will be tomorrow to prove that in the quadrilateral what matters is the experience.


Who’s your favorite? Mine? I am the biggest fan of all the fun and friendly ambiance of Señor Frogs and La Vaquita! So if you’re with me, click here to get pre-sale tickets for McGregor vs Mayweather and join to the partyholics… We will celebrate no matter who the winner is.