So it’s that time of the year. The first holidays are coming and winter is finally gone. Still no clue where are you heading next? Congratulations – it is high time to try out something really exciting and new; the world still has a lot to offer and sun, sand and tides are in for the week. Again, what are your plans for this holiday? If your answer still is that you don’t have anything in mind, we have a pretty good idea, three words, one awesome concept: Playa Del Carmen.

From April 14 – 21, crowds in a rush descending upon the sunny shores of Riviera Maya are expected for Semana Santa in Playa del Carmen. More than 200,000 visitors plunged upon the streets, many from as close as Mexico City, and as far away as Italy. And all of them have something in common: they want to get the best experience from it.

And the concept goes this way: arrive to Cancun and go directly to Playa del Carmen. Once there, you can either enjoy a day by the beach or visit the nearest destinations. But the night, night is sacred in this holy week at Playa del Carmen where the party never ends. And you know what other concept goes well with your vacation? Club Hopping.

Club Hopping is one of the best activities to include in your itinerary. If you feel like the weekend is over way too soon, you will be glad to be here, where the weekend is lived on a daily basis. Step out of your comfort zone and let’s get this started! Go and discover places that will bring you excitement and joy.

First of all, to have an amazing time, it’s really necessary to have a plan. You don’t have to be Steve Jobs with OCD here, but it’s a good idea to know which clubs you plan to hit and at least have a vague order of how you’re going to hit them. This way, if things start to ravel out, everybody in your group will at least have a general idea of where to go to try to get things back on track. Also, you can have more of a VIP experience if you buy your tickets in advance, not only for an express entrance avoiding lines but for bottle service and a more secure payment including the best price guaranteed and the most exclusive online discounts for partyholics.

Still not sure where to start? We surely do. Come on through and party with us every day for a night life experience like no other. You can’t afford to miss this and for the sake of it, we will give you a free guide to squeeze the most out of your night out and live to tell about it.

Santito Tun Tun

The perfect place to start is in the funkiest palapa in Playa del Carmen. Santito Tun Tun offers an exotic cuisine along with an expert mixology bar and live DJ plus stunning interiors layered with palms, black leather and wood. The tropical block-inspired prints and plants, with salty air and crisp waters scenting the sky-high atmosphere offer brisk renewal to complete the natural design. From nearly every angle, the boundless view of 12th Street nightlife below underlines bringing you chill house party vibes. Definitely, a very chic choice. Don’t forget to make your reservation on time. And for dinner?  You must try the Pita along with a stylish María eres llena de gracia, a gin cocktail with a twist of lychee (a regional tropical fruit).


There’s one place where the Drink Society meets for good music, Latin vibes and a great party. Abolengo is the ideal hideout to warm up your engines and to take advantage of the special bar designed for the perfect night-out: Cocktails, Bottle Service and the famous and delicious Jars. Thematic nights on the side with special offers, such as the most glamorous Ladies’ Night in town on Monday or the Maundy Thursday national party to drink the night away. Buy your tickets now and put your drinks up to light up Abolengo, the perfect spot for friends who haven’t met yet.

La Vaquita

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‘Sabroso’ is really the only way to describe the party in the stable. If you are looking for a place where everything is allowed, you are certainly in the right place. Wet t-shirt & Twerk contest, litros & fun, versatile & outrageous, La Vaquita has it all. Can you feel the beat? Hip Hop, Pop, Salsa, Reggaeton and Latin sounds are celebrated here along with bottle service, beer and the popular Litros. Its distinctive open facade, cow-print decoration and the cheerful mascot dancing with everyone are the main features of La Vaquita. Don’t miss the awesome parties this holy week (and buy your tickets online here): Mimosas party, including bottomless bubbly service at certain times, and Glow Party well, you know it’s legit when there’s black lights. Colorful nights, air balloons and probably the best party of your life are waiting for you.


Where words leave off, music begins and mystery looks for company (don’t tell anybody, but this is our favorite). Palazzo Playa del Carmen is all about dancing, feasting, drinking, live DJ and a seemingly endless supply of nightlife dreams. The club’s signature shiny disco balls and chandeliers roll out the red carpet for you to dance with fire and join unforgettable nights. We promise you breathtaking shows every weekend: don’t forget your masquerade and kick-start the weekend with something refreshing as Mardi Gras party on Thursday, drop it like it’s hot to the Neon Party with a Friday feeling or feel the Azteca power on Saturday. To get the best experience from it, definitely book your table in advance which include express access, table in the VIP zone and an outstanding waiter service.


Pop the champagne for the jewel on the crown! If you’re looking for the epitome of the VIP experience, Mandala has got you covered. Dubbed the most glamorous, ultra-exclusive nightclub in Playa del Carmen, Mandala takes you to another level and it’s expecting the very best-looking clubbers to enjoy its utterly classy venue, so make sure you’re dressed to the nines to rub shoulders with the likes of the DJ in turn. Beyond a doubt, you’ll end up here one way or another. Are you a champagne lover? If the answer is yes, get prepared for the “Best of the party” and ask for bottle service (specially if it’s Moët), make your reservation in time here or here. Music, party and good vibes in the best club in Playa del Carmen, let it take you away!

You can start in Santito, continue in Abolengo and finish up in Mandala, or start in Abolengo, jump to  La Vaquita and Palazzo, or also visit the 5 places in a row. Mix and match your favorite combination for your own Club Hopping route and buy your tickets on time! This is the busiest season in Playa del Carmen and getting your entrance first will guarantee you an amazing party in the Riviera Maya. We’re all just searching for that night that distorts time and our business is to take you there.