Why is Playa del Carmen the best destination for winter vacations? While it might sound strange, this is an excellent time to visit this Caribbean paradise.

The city is full of lights, fresh but enjoyable weather, and festive folklore that floods the streets with the warmest décor of the holiday season. 

Perhaps it won’t be the snow-filled white Christmas you’re used to seeing in movies.

But it will be a white Christmas thanks to the beautiful pale sands of the coast.

We assure you that you won’t miss the icy snow-filled streets of some cities in winter! You can even make sand angels without having to freeze your back.

vacaciones de invierno en playa del carmen

Playa del Carmen for winter vacations

Many activities and festivities take place during this time in Playa del Carmen.

The atmosphere is so festive that you can enjoy the Christmas spirit with family or friends. 

Every year, the park in front of the Municipal Palace is full of the “Nochebuena” flower.

These traditional red plants that looks like flowers are native to Central America and the town of Taxco De Alarcón, part of the state of Guerrero. 

The houses have families celebrating with eggnog and a big Christmas dinner that will leave them so full that they will barely be able to move around.

cena navideña en playa del carmen

It is not uncommon to see fireworks in the sky and the occasional piñata dancing through the streets waiting to be broken to give the children the long-awaited typical Mexican sweets.

Fifth Avenue restaurants are usually open to those who prefer to go out for dinner and drink in the comfort that the places offer.

quinta avenida playa del carmen

After a few hours, people will begin to go out and take a stroll along the avenue to enjoy the decoration and lights of the home. 

For the arrival of the New Year, people begin to change to a more festive and energetic mood, full of good vibes to receive the year with the best attitude.

Also, they take the opportunity to get their best outfits and celebrate in the bars and nightclubs of Playa del Carmen.

You will enjoy the best party night to ring in the New Year and then of course head to the beach to welcome the first rays of light of a new beginning. 


Without a doubt, winter at Playa del Carmen is an experience that some people underestimate.

But those who have lived it will assure you that you’ll want to return next year!