Playa del Carmen is known as one of the best beach destinations in the world to live the party to the limit.

That is why every day, new night clubs come to offer completely innovative and fun proposals. 

Such is the case of Rakata. Rakata has come to Playa del Carmen to position itself as the capital of twerking in Mexico.

This club promises to raise the energy levels of all its visitors to the limit.

Rakata came to light the city on fire and this December 14th was the inauguration of this incredible nightclub on 12th Avenue in Playa del Carmen.

rakata capital del perro

Its curtain facade at the end of the street a few meters from the beach invited those who attended the inauguration to let their imagination fly about what could be under the curtain. 

And expectations were exceeded. Inside the place, you could see unique illustrations that took you back to a street neighborhood.

Vinyl, screens, and unique graffiti were all a part of Rakata’s decoration. 

rakata playa del carmen


Music was the main protagonist of the night as the mixes between hip hop and reggaeton managed to encourage guests to practice their twerking skills throughout the night. 

However, the one in charge of generating the special atmosphere was the guest of the evening, DJ Mik Mish, a Colombian artist specialized in mixing urban music with electronics. 

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Although the whole night was a fusion of dance steps, lung chants, and unlimited drinks, to keep on turning on the engines, a happening occurred at midnight that nobody expected. 

The go-go girls took the applause with a twerk spectacle following the rhythm of the best hits of reggaeton of all the times.


This managed to move all attendees, putting them to dance throughout the night. 

If you couldn’t make it to the opening, don’t worry.

Rakata came to steal your breath on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights with extreme fun and madness on the dance floor. 

twerk rakata


So get in the mood, practice your twerk steps, and head to Playa del Carmen to enjoy a night you never imagined