Partyholics, the first month of year 2021 is almost over without I can even notice it!!! 

Firstable, it took me a couple of days to recover from the NYE Mandala Beach party -I’m the hangover queen-, suddenly there was time for our Mexican tradition of “Rosca de Reyes”, followed by the return to the office of the partyholic team. January has been so busy that I have not had time for diet or exercise -hehehe-. And although many people believe the only relevant thing in February is the Super Bowl, I look forward to Valentine’s Day because this year I finally have a “special one” to celebrate with on February 14th. For those who are wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day in Cancun, I am going to share the coolest ideas I have found to celebrate February 14, 2021 as a couple.


Where to celebrate February 14 in Cancun


For those who love romance and already have a scheduled getaway to Cancun to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I have compiled the best ideas, options and activities with which you can surprise your lover. Are you ready for the best Valentine’s celebrations in Cancun?


  1. Romantic and fun dinner


Let’s start with the most classic option… But don’t think I’m going to give you a list of the top elegant and expensive restaurants in Cancun, I want to recommend my favorite restaurant Abolengo Bartina, it has chic concept, delicious food at affordable prices -for the Hotel Zone- and with a super good atmosphere. As a local, I hate paying double or triple for a dinner on special dates, so that’s why I recommend Abolengo, where you and “your other half” are going to have a delicious dinner and they are not going to inflate the prices of the menu. Something super cool is that this place has a tropical trendy decoration, so you can take several photos with your partner in crime on Valentine’s day..

cena romantica abolengo cancun

And if you are one of those couples who love to party, a few steps from Abolengo is Mandala Nightclub where you can continue your celebration. If you are interested in making your reservation for Mandala Cancun prices, click on the link.


  1. Picnic on the beach


An idea that is super cute, accessible and your “special one” will love, is to have a picnic on the beach. I recommend that it be very early at sunrise, when the beach is not crowded so you can enjoy the view of the sea and the food too. All you need is a beach towel and your favorite snacks preferably finger food like fruits, pizza or sandwiches… A couple of glasses with sparkling wine will make your picnic more splendid! 

If you don’t know how to prepare a sandwich, don’t throw this idea away… A good alternative may be to get a day pass at Mandala Beach to indulge your partner with a day at the beach in one of the most popular beach clubs in Cancun. Of course, the option to choose for February 14 must be a beach bed or a villa, and to order several dishes to fill the bed with food to share with your sweetheart while both enjoy some piña coladas;)


  1. Photoshooting on the beach


If you don’t know how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Cancun, I’m going to share my idea for this year. Are you ready? Well, a couple days ago when I was looking at my photo gallery, I realized that my “one and only” and I just have ugly couple photos, and not because we are not good looking but because the light or the background are not the best or simply we were not dressed up for the occasion. So I decided that for this February 14 I’m going to hire a photographer friend to take some beautiful photos of us on the beach, at sunrise when sunlight is optimal. Also I bought some new matching swimsuits for the photoshooting. 

I have not resolved yet how I am going to explain my boyfriend why I will come out super produced with make up for a beach day LOL 

  1. A couples massage


This option is another classic because there is no human being who can resist a delicious massage. In my personal case, I prefer deep tissue massages because I’m super ticklish, and deep tissue massages are the only ones that don’t end up being laughter therapy. In Cancun there are hundreds of spas where couples massages are offered, so you will find one that fits your budget … A very relaxing but romantic option for a Valentine’s Day in Cancun.

masaje en día de san Valentín

  1. Snorkeling tour


Well, I think the previous options were very quiet and for those who love nature, but for them I also have a proposal: Snorkel Tour in Garrafón Park in Isla Mujeres! 

Isla Mujeres is an incredible destination very close to Cancun, so in addition to enjoying a day in the best beaches in Mexico, you can also do hundreds of activities, including snorkeling in the Garrafón park. There are also options there like to take a temazcal bath or kayak. Without a doubt, a great option for couples who enjoy water activities.

These are the recommendations of where and how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Cancun. Which is your favorite?


If you have a better idea of ​​those presented, share them with us in the comments to help more couples have a very romantic Valentine’s Day.