Easter week is the most anticipated holiday break in Mexico. Easter Week in Playa del Carmen, what do I need to know?

People seek to get away from their jobs to enjoy a relaxing beach with an ice-cold brewski.

An average of 250,000 national and international tourists visit Playa del Carmen during Easter Week.

In general, most of the tourists who visit Mexican beaches during Easter Week are Mexican tourists, mainly from Mexico City. 

Tourists come to Playa del Carmen in search of sun, sand, and refreshing drinks.

Semana Santa en Playa del Carmen, ¿Qué necesito saber?

If you want to plan your Easter trip, you won’t be disappointed with Playa del Carmen’s famous Quinta Avenida. 

Take into consideration our two-cents about Easter week in Playa del Carmen:

  • On Fifth Avenue, you will find some delicious Caribbean restaurants, bars, and clubs where the fun never stops.
  • There is also an infinite number of excursions and activities that will make your vacations unforgettable. 

It is crucially important to plan around the crowds so that you can get the most out of your trip. 

  • A relaxing walk down Fifth Avenue is out of the question.

During Easter week, tourists come for the craziness and sinful entertainment, which makes the Easter week not so holy. 

  • If your plans include going out partying, make sure you book early.

It also helps to buy your tickets in advance through the Mandala Tickets platform. Here you can find the best places to party in Playa del Carmen, like Rakata, Abolengo, La Vaquita, Mandala, Palazzo, and CeroUno. 

  • Also keep in mind that the most popular parks and the best excursions will be at their maximum capacity so be sure to make your reservations, as early as possible.

Book your hotel room as soon as possible

  • The hotels on Fifth Avenue will be at full capacity, so be sure to book your rooms well in advance.

If you’re looking for something a little more chill, perhaps a hotel that includes all-inclusive packages is a better option.

Semana Santa en Playa del Carmen, ¿Qué necesito saber?

Consider these tips when planning your Easter vacation in Playa del Carmen.

Come and get to know the small town to enjoy huge amounts of pleasure and fun.