It’s all about fun and games in Playa del Carmen… Until the next morning when at 11 am sun starts hitting your face and you wake up with dizziness and wondering how you got to your bed.

Before you jump out of bed, you should check out the best cures for hangovers in Playa del Carmen.

Drink water

Believe me, you need it, all the alcohol you drank last night left you dehydrated.

Take a cold shower

It may sound like an impossible mission, but this remedy will help you take away your body pain and your disgrace.

Eat some food

Your body needs to stabilize, at this point, you are most likely shaking, and to get rid of this pain, a good meal is the best remedy.

We recommend that you eat seafood at “Los Aguachiles” or delicious guacamole at “El Boticario”.

Take a break

It’s time for the food to make effect, so you can relax now.

You can decide to spend some time in the pool or take a nap on the hammock. You must get out of the sun and keep yourself hydrated.

Go out and unwind

If the sun’s intensity has diminished quite a bit, it’s a good time for you and your friends to get out of your lair.

You can go for a walk down Fifth Avenue, maybe meet your friends from the night before. Or you could have a cup of coffee at “Café Orange” and watch people pass by.

By this time of day, you should be recovered, so you can start planning where you will go to party tonight. 

If the party turns out to be the same as the previous one, repeat the same steps again the next day.