Jeffrey Sutorius is a producer and DJ from the Netherlands, you may no have any idea who I’m talking about, but what if I mention the name ‘Dash Berlin‘? I’m sure that this is name  you’ve heard before, and it turns out that Jeffrey and Dash are the same person!

To be honest, I don’t know why Djs create and use very creative names instead their real names, but it’s always fun to know their not so cool name behind the artistic name of someone you admire.

Well, going back to Dash Berlin, I am mega excited because I will have the opportunity to see him at Easter Week in Cancun, because this famous DJ will perform at the closing of Mayan Madness 2018 in the most incredible club in town: The City Nightclub Cancun.

Dash’s approach to trance music was during his adolescence, while he was working in a record store (vinyl, those black discs everyone now collects – you must consider that Jeffrey is almost forty years old), and he fell in love with this genre that It brought him to fame. And yes, although he started playing trance music, he is currently one of the best producers of house and is still one of the best with the turntable, as he is positioned like #20 of the 100 best DJ’s in the world.

Among Jeffrey’s successes are ‘Til the sky falls down’ or ‘This is who we are’. And I am more than ready to dance at the Dash Berlin show in Cancun 2018. But you must know that Dash is only the closing of the Mayan Madness in The City Cancun, because this year for the first time it will have two venues, the first phase of the event will start at Mandala Beach Club on March 29 at 2 pm and then for the closing show with Dash, the event will be move to The City. Amazing!

If you want tickets for Mayan Madness 2018 for both events: Mandala Beach and The City, you may purchase them in advance at or you can buy tickets only for the closing show.

You already know that you have an appointment this March 29 with the partyholics of the Mayan Madness. We are waiting for you!