Beautiful, young, rich and famous people with the hottest bodies around the world in one list created especially for you.

It’s time to pamper our readers with a small list of beautiful and famous girls. We are sure you will enjoy it!


#5 Jennifer Lopez
I can’t lie, she has an outstanding body! Being 47 years old JLo has the body most girls would wish for.


#4 Kim Kardashian
The 36 year old is considered one of the most beautiful women. And it is obvious, just look at her huge butt!




#3 Jelena Noura Hadid (Gigi Hadid)
When she was 2 years old she began her career as a model and now at 22 years old thanks to her hot body she managed to conquer the handsome Zayn Malik.


Gigi Hadid


#2 And as we all know Scarlett Johansson is absolutely worth mentioning on this list.
Actress, model and singer, this New Yorker is considered one of the modern sex symbols of Hollywood. This 32 year old has become the dream of all men!




#1 Megan Fox.
It’s not strange to see this beautiful woman as the number one on my list, because she is also considered a sex symbol! But you’d be surprised to know that when she was a girl, according to the actress – she was not pretty- anyway she is the number one on my list… And to tell you a secret, my dream is to be like her someday.


megan fox


I hope that you enjoyed my list of top 5 women with the hottest bodies around the world.