If you’ve already visited Puerto Vallarta, you’ve surely fallen in love with its beautiful emerald waters and the exotic tropical nature that surrounds this city. The most luxurious Airbnb’s in Puerto Vallarta

Some of the accommodations in Puerto Vallarta can include beautiful views, comfortable amenities, and proximity to the best spots in the city.

However, there are some hidden jewels in Puerto Vallarta, the real crème de la crème of the Airbnb of the Riviera Nayarita

If you love to experience the most exclusive retreats, here we list the most luxurious Airbnb’s in Puerto Vallarta.


Tropical gem airbnb puerto vallarta

The reason we include this house is our list is because its modern and tropical style that makes you enjoy a unique and tasteful experience. 

Here, the wild and exuberant Vallarta’s nature combines with the sobriety of the industrial materials creating an exquisite balance in each detail of the property.

Also, its chlorine-free pool is perfect to get that incredibly natural tan that we love.

But the best is to  admire and photograph the amazing views from the balcony.


villa marea airbnb puerto vallarta

This seaside lodging is perfect for a vacation in Puerto Vallarta, specially if you’re celebrating a special occasion.

Located in the area of Conchas Chinas, the luxury and details of the villa are a delight to the senses.

The house combines two types of architecture: it evoques a Colonial hacienda but with tropical elements creating a perfect balance that you will only understand after you stay here. 

The cherry on the cake is its infinity pool and its stunning views of the ocean, its boats and golden sands.

Also, you will have private access to the beach through the back door. 


Villa amapas airbnb puerto vallarta

Welcome to a luxury residence inspired by the freshness that only the beach transmits and merged with a refined ranch style that results in a unique space.

Here you can find a hidden story in each of its spaces decorated with stones and quarries of raw tones and of all possible sizes and shapes.

The villa includes a bar, satellite TV, wifi, as well as a water purification system, air conditioning, ceiling fans, and elevator. 


spanish colonial airbnb puerto vallarta

Very close to downtown Puerto Vallarta, this Airbnb Deluxe is on the beautiful coast of Banderas Bay.

With a Spanish colonial style where each room functions as a private suite.

Strategically built so that no matter where you are, the sea is always part of your landscape.

Refresh yourself in the infinity pool and enjoy the ever-changing sunsets of the Riviera Nayarita.

This a great option for a best friends trip to Vallarta


property walking puerto vallarta airbnb

Here, every corner seems to have museum pieces, where if you pay enough attention, they will be able to tell you its full history.

In this house decorated with thick wooden pergolas that give it a unique rustic touch, you will be able to live an authentic Mexican hacienda experience.

Enjoy its wide spaces designed to encourage the coexistence of its residents, its terraces along with each room are perfect to admire impressive sunrises and sunsets.

And of course, you will get the perfect tan while swimming in its crystal clear water pool that invites you to take a bath. 


After seeing the images of the residences, you are probably thinking – “I have to stay here someday.”

And we are sure that each of these locations will make you live a different experience thanks to its unique essence.