Nowadays, Instagram is a favorite social network amongst internet users. How to have influencer-worthy Instagram content on your next vacation. 

That’s why the competition for followers on social media is an important task these days. 

We know that every time you take a trip, you want to capture the best photos possible, not only of the best spots in town but of you being the main protagonist of your social networks. 

Of course, there are many types of profiles on Instagram.

Some are focused on landscapes, and others focused on people.

However, these influencer-worthy content tips will take your vacation photos to a whole new level. 

Tips para crear contenido digno de un influencer durante tu viaje

Stick to one style

Have you noticed that most popular accounts have the same style throughout their feed? 

Sticking to one style is very important. The Instagram profile looks much organized, stylish, and more attractive for your followers.

So, every time you take a picture, think about the style you want to project on your profile. 

For example, if you want to have blue tones on your feed, always try to focus on an object or landscape in those shades. 

If you’re making a trip to Los Cabos, focus your camera on the contrasts in the Sea of Cortez or take your photographs in the Los Cabos Arch wearing a blue bathing suit.

Tips para crear contenido digno de un influencer durante tu viaje

Captions should be captivating

A caption can make all the difference between the message a photo gives, so make sure you always use words to your advantage. 

When you write a caption, your goal should be one of these four things: inspire, motivate, captivate, or show the experience of your trip. 

With this, you will earn likes and engagement in your daily photos.

Looking for inspiration? Check this post: 10 inspirational quotes to start the year traveling.

Don’t publish everything

We know that during a trip, you can take good pictures; however, publishing a lot of content can saturate your followers’ feed.  

So, try to choose only the best pictures that match your ordinary content.

That way, no one will be overwhelmed, and everyone will be waiting for your excellent content. Yass!

Tips para crear contenido digno de un influencer durante tu viaje

Use content apps

Every day, technology provides us new tools to improve our daily content.

Whether it’s applying some light filters or organizing on a template how your Instagram feed will look before you make your posts.

There is no longer any excuse for not having great content!


Are you ready to follow these influencer content tips for your next trip?

Remember, it’s not about uploading a good picture, but about being consistent in your Instagram content, so let’s get to work!