La Vaquita prides itself on being the wackiest place to party in Cancun. Get wild with the crowd and dance your a$$ off to the hottest tunes. This blog will tell you everything you need to know about La Vaquita in Cancun!

Todo lo que debes de saber sobre La Vaquita Cancún


If you are in Cancun and you are only planning on partying on the weekend, you are making a big mistake!

La Vaquita is open daily and welcomes everybody who is ready to go hard on the dance floor. 

In a visit to La Vaquita Cancun, you can expect exceptional treatment and groovy tourists from all over the world, the beats that make La Vaquita bounce are hip-hop, R&B, reggaeton, and electronic hype music.

This place is one of a kind with the open facade, tourists often peek at the craziness that is going on inside.

It is usually a matter of seconds before they start to line up at the door to get in on all the fun. 

The drink size in La Vaquita is not the typical size. 

Just like in all other aspects, La Vaquita is different, and clients find this uniqueness very charming.

The “litros” or liters are the specialty of the house, the whole purpose behind liters is to make sure clients always have their cups full and their spirits up.

Let’s face it, life is better with liters.

In La Vaquita, everything is allowed, and people love the epic craziness.

The wet t-shirt contests, twerk competitions, the wild folks, and the unlimited drinks come together to make La Vaquita one truly wild ride through a Cancun night.