When we think about Christmas or New Year, we don’t immediately think of sun, sand, and sea. Top 4 beaches in the Riviera Maya to spend Christmas.

However, the Riviera Maya is an excellent place to escape the cold season, with its warm beaches, perfect for enjoying the company of your partner, family or friends.

If you have thought about spending your Christmas holidays in the Riviera Maya but still don’t know where we suggest these top 5 beaches in the Riviera Maya to spend Christmas.

navidad en la playa

Playa del Carmen

In Playa del Carmen there is plenty to do. As it is high season, people gather for dinner and celebrate Christmas Eve in the company of family or friends. 

There will be people going out to a restaurant for dinner with happy crowds who share the Christmas feast with their loved ones, along with the warm Caribbean breeze. 

playa del carmen en navidad


If you’re planning on going with your family or couple to enjoy the warmth of Christmas, Cancun is the ideal spot. 

In Cancun, there is a wide variety of all-inclusive hotels, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the Christmas holidays to the fullest.

In these hotels, there are usually Christmas dinners in which you can participate with your whole family, accompanied by a beautiful tropical-joyful atmosphere and a delicious dinner. 

cancun en navidad


Tulum is one of the places where Christmas is celebrated in many ways.

Arrive at one of the eco-hotels in the hotel zone of Tulum, where you can live the Christmas experience from a more bohemian perspective, but no less beautiful.

tulum en navidad


Although Cozumel is more of a Riviera Maya Island, this does not exclude it from being an incredible place to spend Christmas, since Cozumel also celebrates Christmas Eve and Christmas with the same warmth that we love. 

From fireworks that will decorate the island on Christmas Eve to a wide variety of gastronomic services.

Christmas and New Year celebrations meet the requirements of the most demanding and international palates. 

cozumel en navidad

So get ready to say Merry Christmas from these top 4 Beaches in the Riviera Maya!