There’s nothing like spending your holidays doing what you like the most: shopping! Top 5 malls in Cabos for a shopping day

Spending your days lying on the beach while tanning your body and enjoying the beauty of the Sea of Cortez is simply amazing.

But when the sun goes down, we love going out to the best restaurants and nightclubs in Los Cabos to have fun like never before.

And you can’t miss the shopping days! 

centros comerciales en Los Cabos para ir de compras

Los Cabos is the perfect destination to spend a shopping day to get the best of fashion, jewelry, art, décor, handicrafts, or clothing and return to your home town with a great item. 

Check this top 5 shopping malls in Cabos to go crazy on an afternoon of shopping:

Puerto Paraiso Mall 

puerto paraiso los cabos

If your plan is to shop like a champ, this mall has more than 100 stores and businesses. 

Whether you want to renew your closet with elegant clothes or want to buy a beach outfit to show off on the beaches of Los Cabos.

Or if you are looking to buy some art items in a gallery, here you will find everything.

And because shopping is considered an extreme sport, you can recharge your energy in one of the delicious culinary options that this mall has, go to the cinema and then continue shopping.

Bonita Square

plaza bonita los cabos

This plaza is located at La Marina of Cabo San Lucas at the heart of the city where the best nightclubs in Los Cabos are concentrated.

So you can wake up early to watch the sunrise aboard a boat in the Sea of Cortez and when you return, spend an afternoon shopping here. 

Plaza Bonita offers you a relaxing shopping day giving you several alternatives to get everything you need at the last minute.

Bars, restaurants, luxury boutiques, jewelry stores, and craft shops are some of the things you will find here.  

Plaza San Lucas 

plaza san lucas los cabos

Another favorite spot in town loved by shoppaholics is Plaza San Lucas.

In this place, you can spend a day with your family or friends buying everything you need.

You can also find some services, entertainment venues, and excellent restaurants.

This mall is a great option to spend the day!

Luxury Avenue 


If you’re looking for a first-class boutique mall, Luxury Avenue is the one for you.

Located at the Golden Zone Marina, it is known as the most expensive shopping center in the area.

You’ll find luxurious and chic brands like Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Cartier, Montblanc, and Ultrajewels. This mall is ideal for luxury shopping! 

Plaza Artesanos

plaza artesanos los cabos

Plaza Artesanos is perfect to get handmade crafts and authentic Mexican jewelry.

At this mall, you can find local vendors of high-quality clothing, jewelry, bags, carpets, and ceramics.

Some items that you can buy here are hand made dresses, hats, tequila, souvenirs, and authentic Mexican craft!

If you love to bring souvenirs from your trips to your loved ones, this is the square where you will find the perfect detail for each person on your list. 


Whether you’re in a mood to buy something very luxurious or something traditionally Mexican, you’ll find a great item worth buying at any of these recommended malls.