Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s favorites beach destinations.Top 5 delicious restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

Its beautiful beaches, fun nightclubs, and incredible hotels attract thousands of international visitors to spend a few days in the warmth of the city.

However, the gastronomy offered in this town is also an important point to talk about in this city.

You can find all kinds of international cuisines and unique concepts to enjoy gastronomic delights. 

That’s why we have for you the top 5 delicious restaurants in Puerto Vallarta:


Mexico’s flavors, textures, and traditions are celebrated at Porfirio’s. Their homemade recipes are turned into contemporary dishes that offer tasty cuisine delights. 

Also, the environment and décor will make you feel the real sense of Mexico. 

La Leche

The concept of this restaurant is unique.

The entire interior of the restaurant is white, so space gives the idea of being inside a milk jar. Besides, a completely different menu it’s offered every day – this is a unique monochromatic experience!

Café Des Artistes

Are you in the mood for something gourmet and creative?

Café Des Artistes has been offering amazing dishes to every visitor for 29 years.

For dinner, you can choose from one of its numerous spaces such as the P’yote Lounge, the Drops Room, the Chef’s Table, the private room, or the pretty garden. 

cafe-des-artistes-restaurante vallarta

La Dolce Vita

The flavors of Italy have arrived to Puerto Vallarta.

Its varied menu includes salads, pasta, pizzas, chicken, meat, fish, and exquisite desserts. 

Also, its comfortable and elegant facilities will make you have a special night.

dolce vita puerto vallarta

Tacón de Marlin

This restaurant has about 30 years of tradition in the Pacific lands.

Its original seafood burritos have become a tradition for families who visit Puerto Vallarta year after year. 

Now that you identify the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, it’s time to book and visit them all.