Among the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean is a destination that stands out among all the beaches in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta. Top swimwear for an afternoon in Chicabal

Puerto Vallarta is one of the favorite cities to visit for national and international tourists because that’s where you can experience a completely relaxing vacation with all the comforts the world has to offer.

The beach city offers the best beaches, an ideal climate, exclusive resorts, and the best places to live enjoyable and unique entertainment experiences in Mexico, like in the Chicabal Daylight Club.

Chicabal Daylight Club is the most fun and exclusive beach club in Puerto Vallarta.

Evenings are all about luxury villas, urban cuisine, theme parties, and an elite beachfront party. 

That’s right. This beach club is a trend dictator.

So, if you plan to visit, you should check out this top swimwear list for an afternoon in Chicabal to look exceptionally chic. 

Asymmetrical cuts and eye-catching prints

To stand out among the orange colors of the place, use a two-piece suit with asymmetric cuts or striking prints.

With this type of bikini, no one will be able to take their eyes off you.


One-piece open 

One-piece open-front swimwears are comfortable and chic that will help you show off that sexy body but, at the same time, with a touch elegance.

This type of swimsuit is an excellent idea for an afternoon at a beach club in Puerto Vallarta!

Sport bikini tops

Sports tops are a trend in fashion, which is why they have become a style of swimwear as well.

They are not only very comfortable, but it makes for a delightful look on a Chicabal Daylight Club evening.


One-piece swimsuit

Every day, completely innovative designs make a one-piece swimsuit a revelation.

Leopard and cheetah prints are a big hit in Chicabal. 


Black tones

Whether it’s a one, two, or three pieces, a black swimsuit is perfect for standing out in this beach club. Why?

Well, the club decor is entirely orange, plus the champagne showers and the color of the ocean will match with you if you use black tones.


So, gather your best accessories for an afternoon filled with partying in your top swimwear in Chicabal.

You will be the star of the show!