Bachelorette Party Guide

For a partyholic like me, the best of the Wedding Season is whenever it comes with fabulous bachelorette parties! I’m not the type of girl who cries at weddings but I have enjoyed all the ‘last walks on the wild side’ of my now-married-friends, and let me share you the rules you must follow to organize a successful hen party:


1. The Date

tired bride
Traditionally the hen party is the night before the big day, but I recommend to schedule it two nights before the wedding day, just to give the bride enough time to rest and to look radiant.


2. Guest list

mother in law

The Bachelorette party is a night out for the future bride and her friends, mothers in law are not to be invited, that is what bridal showers are for.


3. The Venue


It must be a club, pub or any place that serves ALCOHOL. Not all the nightclubs in Cancun have special packages for a “last fling before the ring”, but this Bachelorette Package is a great option. You can choose one top club in town and get some extra benefits – oh yes! Girls, we love to be pampered-. There is a similar Bachelorette Pack for Playa del Carmen.


4. Transportation

no limo

A limo is cool only in Las Vegas, please don’t rent one in Cancun or Playacar, it looks a little trashy here.


5. Dress Code


Special outfits are never mandatory, but they add fun to the night (specifically sashes, pins and tiaras or headbands)


6. Budget


Regularly the bill and tips are divided between all the girls except the bride. Some grooms pay for their fiancée´s party –lucky girls!-.


7. The couple rules

pelea de novios

Before sending a check to that sexy stripper, check with the bride about the rules she and the groom set for their parties:  If she says NO stripper, NO men invited, NO drugs, don’t break the rules just because you want a wild party, please avoid them a problem that could end with the wedding’s cancelation.


8. Extra fun


If there´s no limitations for party, you MUST hire a stripper! Come on, not in every girls’ night out can you have this hussy element. Did you noticed that the Bachelorette Pack has an option to add a male stripper?


9. A Super Girl

Designated driver

This is the worst role in the party, but someone must be the designated driver to make sure all the crew gets back to your hotel/home safely. I like to call this girl ‘The Super Girl”.


10. Pinky Promise or Golden Rule


‘What happens at the Bachelorette party, stays with the bachelorettes’.


If you are a Maid of Honor, now you are ready to organize your BFF’s last night out as a single lady. If you are a future bride, share this with your Made of Honor and get ready to let your hair down and forget all about your wedding plans for one night.

Tequila made me do it!

On July 24th, Tequila Day is celebrated and because of that I am going to share you some interesting facts about this Mexican distilled, which probably has been the guilty for one of your multiple binges. Are you ready to become a Tequila expert? Keep reading!


When life gives you lemons, grab tequila and salt!
  1. Tequila is a male name, strong as his taste.
  2. ‘Caballito’ (literal translation ‘little horse’) is the official cup to drink the tequila.
  3. Salt and lemon are palate cleaners, that’s the reason you must taste them before drink tequila.
  4. You may love tequila shots, but the correct is to taste it sip by sip.
  5. Any dish can be accompanied with tequila, it’s an excellent match for almost all foods.
  6. The reason that Mexicans drink tequila to heal a heartbreak is because it activates the nervous system and doesn’t make you feel depressed.
  7. Tequila and Mariachi are the two elements more known of Mexican Culture around the world.
  8. To be considered like Tequila, it must contain at least 51% of ‘agave azul (blue agave).
  9. Mexican States with Tequila´s denomination of origin: Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacan, Nayarit and Tamaulipas.
  10. The rights of the name Tequila belongs to the Mexican Government.


Are you start to feel a little thirst for tequila? Then, this July 23rd and 24th visit Mandala, Palazzo or Dady’O, order a bottle of Don Julio and get 20% OFF.


Put some TEQUILA on your FIESTA!

Are you a tequila lover? How do you prefer to drink it, right or mixed? Do you have a funny memory where ‘tequila made you do it’? Tell us about it!

Friends & Fiesta

It´s amazing when your bff is as much of a party lover as you are, isn’t it? I consider myself very lucky, because I am blessed with really good friends, the kind that would move mountains just to help me if I need them. And there are two special friends who are the craziest and funniest girls you could ever meet, and I love to spend my time with them, specially for our nights out.

Some of my most memorable moments with Ivonne and Lola –not their real names, I´m sure they will kill me once they read this blog-:

fiesta amigas


  1. The occasion when Lola was dressed exactly the same as the Gogo dancers at La Vaquita Playacar (white shorts and red crop top). So that night she decided to be a part of them and maybe teach that girls how to twerk it. After 20 minutes on stage everybody was cheering more for her, than the Gogos. That night, the three of us got a lot of free shoots.
  1. To meet a super hero that jumped into Mandala Beach’s pool with his clothes on –watch included- just to save Ivonne´s Iphone. That night we partied with ´Superman’ –the nickname we gave him- and his friends out of gratitude. Maybe I should mention that one hour before he made his heroic act, while we were just ignoring them.
  1. One morning’s after party we were so hungry, but overdressed for quesadillas. So we walked into a very famous all-inclusive hotel in Punta Cancun (close to the Party Center) to get a nice breakfast… The hotel´s staff confused our Palazzo bracelets for theirs and gave us access to the buffet restaurant where we ate like horses. Then we left the hotel walking on the beach and as karma exists we needed to walk over a mile to catch a bus back home.
  1. And of course, that Thursday night I could not remember because I was so drunk, but they told me I was strongly insisting on being part of the bikini contest at Dady’O, because I was sure that I could win it and even planned what to do with all that cash.

If I have learned something through all these years being the queen of partyholics it is that being in the most amazing nightclub with a VIP table won’t be the same if you are not with your best friends. Do you agree? I hope so, because I have good news for you: $20 USD in my pocket is back! In case you are a recent partyholic and haven´t heard about this yet, the $20 USD in my pocket offer includes cover and open bar to a surprise top nightclub in Cancun and I think it is the perfect deal to prove my theory that when you are hanging out with your party squad, the venue is not that important; you will have fun anywhere.

Do you have memories about your Cancun nightlife incursions? Share them with all of us, we love crazy anecdotes.

5 junk foods and drinks you have to try when you come to Cancun

  1. Chips
A taste of Mexico in a chip.

Yes we know you actually have chips or Lays in your country BUT and yes there is a big but, mexican chips are different, fun and delicious. Some of them might be a bit spicy but some are really worth it. We recommend: Rancheritos.


  1. Chamoy
chamoy manzanas
Apples with chamoy, a delicious mixture of flavors.

Another typical Mexican candy is Chamoy; it’s sweet, sour & salty. It is often found in Mexico’s most popular candy brands, fruit sauces and also used for frozen drinks likes lushies that are referred to as Chamoyada. Chamoy is not only a liquid treat, but also comes in powder consistency that can be eaten by itself or sprinkled on to other fruits and sweets. Do you dare to try it?


  1. Aguas frescas
aguas frescas
Natural fruit water… perfect for the warm weather of Cancun, Mexico.

Traduced as “Fresh waters” aguas frescas are flavored mexican drinks. Horchata and Jamaica are the most popular.  The first one is made from rice and the second one from Hibuscus Flower. You can’t come to Mexico and not drink an horchata or Jamaica.

Advice: drink horchata or Jamaica when you’re having tacos. It’s a match made in heaven.


  1. Ojo rojo
Michelada 2
A ‘red eye’ will be your favorite drink this summer!

Ojos Rojos are a famous and classic drink to cure hangovers and it works miraculously. Ojo rojo is a michelada (beer, Worcestershire sauce hot sauce, maggi, lime, salt) but with tomato juice.

So it’s like a “Beer Bloody Mary” to call it some other way. For foreigners it might taste a bit strange but mexicans love it. It’s refreshing and ends hangovers, what else could you ask for?


  1. Mezcales
Tequila shot with lime and salt on vintage background.
Mezcal is another mexican liquor… delicious as Tequila!

Sure you know Tequila, but have you tried mezcal? Mezcal it’s also made of agave just like tequila but it’sproduced with a different process and timing. Some consider mezcal has smokier flavor.

Advice: don’t drink mezcal like a shot. Sip, enjoy it and drink it slowly. Mezcal it’s a must during your visit to Cancun.


Are you brave enough for try them? What other mexican food or beverage would you add to this list? Share your opinion with us!


Blog by @polyfacetica

How is a mexican bash

Mexicans, we are famous around the world because we know how to party. Yes, we love FIESTA and we know how to turn a simple Friday night-out into a whole weekend of wild fun.

This blog is a little guide to help you understand the crazy behavior of the Mexican partyholics you will party with this summer in Cancun.


  1. Days and time for FIESTA
dady bikini bash
Dady’O Bikini Bash opens the weekend in Cancun.

For mexicans ALL DAYS are good to ‘parrandear’ (celebrate) till sun light. Let me tell you that in Cancun the weekend officially begins on Thursdays with Dady’O’s Bikini Bash and ends… Well I am not sure when it ends, my last weekend in Cancun ended on a Tuesday, but in Playa del Carmen.



  1. Pre-Party
La Vaquita - precopeo
The favorite place for a pre-party in Cancun is La Vaquita.

The Mexican lateness –just speaking of party-, has a really good excuse called ‘precopeo’. Before the main party of the night, we make a pre-party just to drink some cocktails or beers, this way we arrive to the party in the right mood. Unfortunately, this little pre-party makes us arrive about 100 minutes late. But, I think it is clear now that this is not our fault; it’s a preparation for the party!



  1. Can I get a better deal?
Tequila toast
Must leart this mexican toast: up, down, center and inside!

Mexicans are born with a surprising haggling capability. The question ‘How much is the least?’ spits out our mouth unavoidably and once pronounced we won’t stop until we get a better deal. Talking about deals, check out this offer for Mexicans (just Mexicans) and this special Open Bar Offer for $20 USD (not exclusive for Mexicans).


But a Mexican is not cheap, you must know there isn’t a more generous soul than a Mexican’s… Just some tequila shots and we are ready to spend our month’s check by inviting one, two or three bottles to toast with our ‘compadres’.


  1. Please, don’t stop the party!
After party en MB
So, just like locals love La Vaquita for pre-party… our place for an after party is the Mandala Beach Club.

From the creators of the pre-party –Mexican people-, now get ready for the after party! An after party is another reunion to drink the last drink –or bottle or bottles- and it’s the perfect excuse to continue partying. The venue could be another nightclub or a house or even the beach and it’s possible that in one night –or morning- you will be part of several after parties.



  1. The End
la cruda con tacos
With tacos everything is better.

If there is a signal to know when a Mexican finally gets enough FIESTA, is when he/she says: ‘Vamos por unos tacos‘ (let´s get some tacos). This signal appears between one after party and another or Monday morning when it’s time to school/to work and we need to interrupt the weekend.


If you are a Mexican reader, for sure you can identify with each point of this blog, if you are not Mexican, it is time to get a Mexican compadre and learn from him how to party!