New Year’s Eve: The World’s best cities to celebrate

The beginning of a new year is that rare date when the whole world comes together to celebrate! You may think it is too early to start to plan your New Year’s destination, but December is only 3 months away and if you want to have a spectacular celebration, anticipation is your best friend.


If you like to travel and to celebrate, check out this list of the cities that must be considered to kiss 2016 good bye and to ring in 2017:


  1. Cancun, Mexico


Of course my hometown is on the top of my list! No, this is not nepotism, just let me talk about the warm weather, the turquoise sea where you can swim during day, and then at night dress up for amazing nightclubs that welcome you to their New Year’s Eve parties.  So, on December 31st, go to the Party Center of the Hotel Zone (Blvd. Kukulcan Km 9.5) where Mandala, Dady’O, La Vaquita, Palazzo and  The City, the top nightclubs in town, are located. This area will be crowded by partyholics that will dance the night away until it is time to move to the unique ocean front after party hosted by Mandala Beach Club.

Another point in favor of Cancun is its closeness to Playa del Carmen, you might have never been in Mexico before, but I am sure you have heard about this little town and how every NYE is really really crowded from the 15th Avenue to the ocean… Only the experts know that you must start to party early, stay close to your favorite spot -or you will never arrive there- and that booking in advance is the only way to get access to the NYE Parties in Playa del Carmen.

Choosing between Cancun or Playa is a very difficult decision, but whatever you choose of them will be a smart decision.


  1. Madrid, Spain


Madrid is a very beautiful city, its architecture, museums and food are magnificent. On NYE before midnight the tradition dictates a homely celebration, swallow 12 lucky grapes and toast with wine roaring “Feliz Año Nuevo”… But after 12:01 the bars suddenly open their doors, the young partyholics crowd the streets (Puerta del Sol square is the place to go) and the party begins!

An amazing thing is that as Madrid is a very cosmopolitan city, at the same party you may dance flamenco and then some electronic beats. At the end of your celebration, and before go back to your hotel, get some deep-fried churros and warm chocolate –you can thank me later for this tip-.


  1. Goa, India

valparaisoanonuevoaaaa goa

Asia is an exotic location to spend New Year’s Eve, but if this is your choice, you must considerer Goa, because this little state in southwest India -with never ending beaches- is the place where all the celebrities escape to party without being bothered by paparazzis, so you  may rub shoulders with Zac  Efron, Rihanna or -new single- Calvin Harris. The place to go is Anjuna Beach, which is surrounded by bamboo forest, all partyholics and backpackers dance around the bonfires and at midnight fireworks announce the beginning of the New Year.

If a hippie celebration is not your style, the hotels and clubs at Goa also offer NYE parties.


  1. Bangkok, Thailand


Let´s stay in Asia for our 4th city on the list: Bangkok. Thais love parties and actually celebrate the New Year twice (Thai-Chinese New Year in April). On December 31st, you can enjoy a rooftop dinner, while the fireworks display near to the river. Then you can move to Bangkok’s famous nightclubs to dance the night away according to the beats of  international DJ´s.

A magic spot for New Year’s  countdown is Central World (the equivalent of Times Square in New York), where crowds are awaiting the New Year, while live bands and DJs are playing. You must try as much snacks as you can from the snack stalls, they are flavored and tasty!


  1. Copenhagen, Denmark


If when you hear Denmark and NYE all that you can think is a swanky ball you will have a huge surprise, because the 3 things that dominate New Year´s Eve in Copenhagen are: drunk partyholics + fireworks + more drunk partyholics!

What most of Danish people do is to attend a dinner with family and friends and to choose a party to crash later… The real party lovers will be at the Hall Square ready to pop the champagne bottles and to hug and snog strangers at midnight!


These are the most fabulous New Year’s destinations for partyholics! I didn´t list New York, Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro or Sidney, because I wanted to present you some alternatives to the classic –except Cancun, this city is a NYE basic-. But for sure this year, thanks to Snapchat we will see the biggest parties across the globe, and I really hope to see that your snaps are from Cancun or Playa del Carmen, even better from one of our parties, which you can book now with 20% OFF  HERE.

Djs that will make you fall in love!

We love their music, but we have to admit these 5 Djs are very loved by women all around the world because of their good looks too. Which one is your favorite?


1. Calvin Harris


Real name: Adam Wiles
Age: 32
Nationality: Scottish


2. Diplo

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 03:  Diplo of Major Lazer performs on day 1 of the New Look Wireless Festival at Finsbury Park on July 3, 2015 in London, England.  (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Real name: Thomas Wesley Pentz
Age: 37
Nationality: American


3. Fedde Le Grand


Real name:  Fedde Le Grand
Age: 38
Nationality: Dutch


4. R3HAB

Dj rehab 

Real name: Fadil El Ghoul
Age: 30
Nationality: Dutch


5. Avicii


Real name: Tim Bergling
Age: 26
Nationality: Swedish

Top Five of the one and only @polyfacetica


Michelada Guide for your next visit to Mexico!

No more confusions, Michelada Guide for your next visit to Mexico!

Sure, we know you like Micheladas but sometines it’s easy to get confused. So we made this guide, so you can order what you really like!

1. The Chelada

Ice-filled mug with lime juice and beer.

2. The Michelada

Michelada 2
Ice-filled mug with lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, Maggi seasoning or soy sauce, hot sauce and beer.

3. Flavored Michelada

Michelada de sabores
Fruit flavored micheladas such as mango, pineapple, tamarind and also spicy ones like chamoy. These micheladas don’t taste much like beer, but they’re pretty refreshing and something new to try.

4. Micheladas with shrimps

Michelada camarones
Regular Michelada with some tasty shrimps.

5. The Ojo Rojo

Ojo rojo
Ice-filled mug with lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, Maggi seasoning or soy sauce, hot sauce and beer and last but not least: tomato juice. This drink is known for curing hangovers.


Enjoy your micheladas and Salud!

Blog by @polyfacetica

My last weekend at Playa del Carmen

Last Saturday some friends wanted to have the best party in Playa del Carmen. So they contacted me and we had the best experience in the world!  So read this if you are ready to PARTY HARD in Playa.

abolengo 3


First was the pre-party and the best spot on the 12th avenue is Abolengo (a lavish Bartina where you get exotic drinks served in Mason Jars). So we bought a nice offer consisting in 2 hour open bar + a nice main course. We enjoyed 3 exotic drinks, while dancing to the music and watching the street starting to get crowded with #PartyHolics ready to have some fun in Playa del Carmen.

abolengo 2


After having a few dances with some hot girls and drinking the most incredible drinks I’ve had in a long time we felt ready to bring it to the next level. We asked Grupo Mandala’s Director directly about the best club for that specific night and he didn’t hesitate to answer: “Tonight Palazzo Playa is your best option”.

Have you ever dreamt with a sky full of disco balls?

Palazzo is one of the most iconic brands when talking about nightclubs in Playa. It is reserved for the most intense partyholics that are ready to have a night with no regrets and no limits! “What happens in Playa stays in Playa”–.


We walked 3 minutes to get to Palazzo and noticed there was a long queue outside the club, however this can easily be skipped by buying tickets online here. We showed our online reservation and got inside and to our table in less than 5 minutes. We were ready to party!

palazzo disco balls

The night started with getting a bottle of tequila, vodka and some shots of Kamikazee (one of my personal favorites). In less than 1 hour our bottles were empty and the club got full, so we knew it was time to shine on the dancefloor.


We got the chance to meet Christina, Kendra and Sarah the sexiest girls in the club, so we invited them to our table and asked for some more bottles to continue our epic night in Playa del Carmen.
You may wonder what happened after… but truth is what happens with ThePartyHolics stays with ThePartyHolics.


Blog by @ThePartyHolic (Snapchat)

1 year of, 1 year of party!

Being part of a project like has been one of the craziest and most challenging things I have ever do: I had to learn how to be cooler –if that is possible, have you seen my snapchat account ThePartyholic?- and to keep calm, because routine does not exist here; at Mandala Group every day is a new adventure!


After one year celebrating as a professional, I am now unable to sleep before midnight, I know more than 20 remedies to avoid the effects of a hangover and I became a true DJ expert, knowing a lot of interesting facts about them and of course their music. Now I hear their lyrics and don’t only sing the chorus.


I know which is the best night to visit each nightclub and I know them like the palm of my hand (especially the secret gangways to avoid the crowd and to get to the bar or toilets quickly). I have tasted cocktails I never drank before, and I am pretty sure that those ‘hairy navels’ are guilty of some crazy choreographies I did when the DJ played my favorite song. I can tell you that ‘alcohol’ didn’t make you do it, but the adrenaline of the night and all those hook ups are the result of everybody looking more attractive than they really are, after 2:00 AM. More importantly, I have learned that  when you are the king/queen of the night, everybody wants to party with you, but only your real friends will stay until you are over the hangover.


But, this year wasn’t just about party. We have worked very hard to bring all our partyholics’ crazy deals like $20 USD in my pocket, special discounts for NYE and all the exclusive online offers  you can only book with us. However, all this work has its rewards, such as all those pictures having fun sent by our customers or their emails thanking us for arranging a surprise table upgrade for their bachelorette or birthday party or the VIP treatment they received by our host.


Yes, this year has been an adventure that leave me with new skills to survive in this madness world of party… I can’t wait to see how my next year’s memories will be and hope you will live all of them by reading this blog or even better dancing and toasting with us in Cancun’s and Playa del Carmen’s top nightclubs. Get ready, because soon the party will spread out to Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos!