DJ Snake is coming to Cancun!

I know it is a little late to announce, as the lineup for Spring Break Cancun 2017 was launched a few weeks ago. However, in this paradise we call Cancun, everybody is excited about March 14th.  Yes! That´s the date when this handsome and talented Parisian DJ Snake will be spinning the console at The City Nightclub.

Regarding his artistic name, he said that when he was growing up in the ghetto (the outsides of Paris) he was the only one of his impish group of friends who was never caught by the police, as he was evasive like a Snake.

In case that you think you have never heard a song of his, I´m going to surprise you, because William Grigahcine –this is his real name-, was one of the collaborators with  Major Lazer and MØ  for the hit of 2015 “Lean On” or “Turn Down For What” his other famous collaboration with the rapper Lil Jon.  I can´t wait to dance “Let Me Love You” a hit by him and Justin Bieber!

If you already know who DJ Snake is and want to be at his Concert in Cancun, you can get tickets here with a special discount!

See you guys on March 14th at  The City!

Top 5 destinations for Spring Break 2017 in Mexico.

Ready to have a blast this Spring Break? If you are looking for the wildest and loudest parties; Mexico must be your only choice.


1. Cancun

Spring Break Cancun
Widely known for the Springbreak season and the top dj’s that play each year, Cancun is a must-do for every partyholic.

2. Puerto Vallarta

spring break vallarta
Located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, you will fall in love with the street/beach vibes.

3. Playa del Carmen

spring break in playa del carmen mexico
This is the preferred destination for excentric people who love to party every night and tan their bodies during day.

4. Los Cabos

Recently growing in tourism, Los Cabos is the nearest place to the US for a wild night in Mexico.

5. Acapulco

The first place in Mexico known for crazy top parties and exclusive clubs, Acapulco still shines day and night.

So, in which Mexican destination we will see you on this Spring Break 2017?

What should I bring for this springbreak 2017?

Are you ready to go to Cancun for this Spring break and you are not sure what to pack? We will help you with this check-list that will guarantee the best party in Cancun

  • Cap
    It’s the paradise and the sun shines all day long.


  • Go Pro
    Get those thrilling moments and share them on social media.


  • Swimsuit
    Let’s go enjoy the beach club.


  • Tanning oil
    Get a killer tan to show your friends what they missed.

tanning oil

  • Sunglasses
    We already said it at the top of the list.

Sun glasses

  • City map
    So you know where to go.


  • Selfie stick
    Let me take a #Selfie.



  • Condoms
    Better safe than sorry.



  • Cash
    Not all places take credit card.

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 28: Recording artist Rihanna attends the 2015 BET Awards at the Microsoft Theater on June 28, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/BET/Getty Images for BET)


  • Your craziest fantasies
    Because… SPRINGBREAK CANCUN 2017!




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How to save money during spring break in Cancun 2017?

A lot of people think that going to Cancun for springbreak is very expensive and that you that the bills can go out of control. Here’s the 9 things you should do to avoid overspending during Cancun spring break 2017.


Piggy Bank on beach vacation


1) Buy your tickets with anticipation.
Buying your tickets 2 or 3 months before the springbreak can reduce its cost up to 50% of the total

2) Plan your days ahead and buy on the official pages.
Check the official pages beforehand, that way you will be sure you are getting the best price available.

3) Choose the open bar instead of the cover.
That way you won’t have problems with how many drinks you want to take.

4) Visit the downtown. 
You can find cheap food and drinks in the downtown, you can also go for a walk and know the city.

5) Look for promotional packages. 
Some packages can help you save big amounts of money, like this 4 night party package.

6) Travel by bus. 
Top clubs in Cancun such as Mandala, Dady’O & The City are found in the km 9.5 of the hotel zone, which means getting there by bus is easy.

7) Get to know 3 clubs for a discounted price. 
There’s a tour that will take you to the 3 top clubs of the night for a reduced price… open bar and table included!

8) Walk by the beach.
Enjoy the beach in company of your partyholic friends, you just need to buy some beers.

9)Establish a daily budget. 
This will help you prevent overspending



Get a 5% off at any purchase on with the code: Partyholic