The song you will dance to this summer 2017!

It’s almost summer and that means one thing: summer break in Mexico!


It doesn’t matter if you choose Puerto Vallarta or Riviera Maya (Cancun or Playa del Carmen) to spend the hot summer days, just lying on the sand, drinking cold beers/cocktails and clubbing during the warm summer nights at the iconic nightclubs like Mandala or La Vaquita. Yes! You can find both brands in any of these Mexican paradises.


But, what would summer be without a Latin hit to move your hips while staying in Mexico?


Luckily for us, this year we already know which song will be tuning day and night at the top nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen and Cancun: DESPACITO featured by Justin Bieber, Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi. Even the famous pop star sings in Spanish!


Despacito, quiero respirar tu cuello despacito, deja que te diga cosas al oído para que te acuerdes si no estás conmigo. Despacito, quiero desnudarte a besos despacito”. (“Slowly, I wanna breath your neck slowly, let me say sweet things in your ear so you remember them when you’re not with me. Slowly, I want to undress you slowly”).


Oh la la!  The perfect sensual song for the summer, isn’t it? Listen to it now and get ready to sing and dance to it during this summer 2017.


The real hangover (stag party)

Lately my new hobby is to gatecrash the groups of bachelors who come to Cancun looking for a wild and unbridled night out! So, today I am going to reveal the truth about how a real Bachelor Party in Cancun is like. Are you ready to be surprised?


  1. Bachelor’s guest list

Men don’t make a guest list for their ‘last night of freedom’ including their BFF only… No, they just ‘spread the word’ one to another and invite as many guys as possible. If anyone cannot make the trip, the Bachelor doesn’t care too much and doesn’t rebook the trip, but for sure all the crew will presume the pictures from their amazing night out in Cancun to the ‘soldier who stayed behind’.


  1. Boys just want to have… Alcohol!

The first reason to organize a bachelor party is to have an excuse to get drunk with your male friends! Bachelors always reserve the most exclusive tables at top nightclubs in Cancun and order bottles and bottles of alcohol. Yeap, a stag party is a masquerade for the drunkenness of their lifes!


  1. Stripper fest? Not really!

Well, only the single friends of the groom come to Cancun planning to get laid, but if they can’t get it in their home town, it will be the same here! Buuuuuut, it’s always funny to see them try to flirt with a girl –especially if they listen to me and use my crazy pickup lines hahaha-.

Brides to be’, please don’t be worried about your fiancé’s bachelor party! Strippers are mostly a fantasy of the bachelor’s friends, but also it’s not easy or cheap to hire them. Even the Bachelor Package does not include the option to add that “extra fun”, though our Bachelorette Pack does!


  1. Matching outfits


No, no, no… One of the biggest difference between a hen party vs a manly bachelor bash is: men don’t use matching outfits or special t-shirts with phrases like: Groom + Best Man + Groom Squad or Groom to be + Bitch 1 + Bitch 2.  The guys just wear something comfortable and dressy enough to get access to the club -with some exceptions-.


  1. Photos

Yes, guys take pictures and videos of their night out -even if they swear on their favorite football team that they don’t-. They don’t take Instagram style pictures, but pictures of something funny, the audience, dancers, etc. Those pictures are going to be share between them and only them, nobody else will watch them so it is better to think they don’t exist.


I’m just kidding about all the points above –or maybe not-… I am not going to reveal how a real stag party in Cancun is, because what happen at a Bachelor Party stays with the Bachelors and with this gatecrasher!

How to conquer a girl and not die trying



When you’re clubbing and after a few drinks, many of us feel the desire to fall in love; As they say – “Love is in the air” – and as we women are tired of man not knowing how to conquer us, I will give you some tips on how to do it and not die trying!

Tip 1 – Dress to impress!
All girls like a boy who is well-dressed, so while it is important to be comfortable, t-shirts and sneakers are probably  not the best choice.

Tip 2 – Dance!
All girls love to see a boy dance! <3

Tip 3 – Show empathy! 
Once you have the attention of the girl you desire, try to create empathy with her. This is the key to not die trying!

Tip 4 – Always be a gentleman! 
Don´t be a jerk! We, girls hate boys that come on too strong, if you do that just will scare her away.

Tip 5 – Be smart! 
Try not to say nonsense because she will get bored and will tell you “I need go to the bathroom” and you will never see her again.

Extra Tip: If you finally pass all tests don’t let her go!

Now you are ready for the conquest of a beautiful foreigner or Mexican woman! Let’s party!

How to save money during your Easter Holidays in Playa del Carmen?

Playa del Carmen is well known like the best destination for party, but a night out in Playa can be more expensive than you had thought and budgted.


1. So, the first thing to do is to fix a budget per day by asking yourself how much can you spend by day.

Budget GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
2. Once you  set your budget, let’s continue with the most important things: the flight and hotel reservations.

There’s a lot of “meta searchers” where you can compare flight’s prices. For hotel, I recommend you to contact directly the hotel and check if they have an exclusive deal.

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Tip Partyholic: In Mexico, offers the cheapest flight rates and Hotel Cohiba offers great deals and also has a great location in Playa del Carmen.

3. Now that you’re ready to arrive to Playa del Carmen, the next step is to plan your activities.

We have 2 recommendations:  Beach and more beach! Spend the day at the beach is free, and if you find a place close to a Beach Club you can enjoy the ambiance and also a couple of beers.


4. Now your body was tanned during the day, it’s time to think about the night and what would you like to do, because nightlife in Playa del Carmen is espectacular!

If clubbing is your thing, please remember that the rates are settled by the Supply and Demand Law, so if there’s a lot of people looking for party, the clubs increase their prices. The best you can do is to book online in advance, this way you’re saving money and having the same fun that the rest of the partyholics!


The most famous nightclubs in Playa del Carmen are:

a) Mandala: Located at the heart of 12th Avenue, Mandala Playa del Carmen is so chic so the people that party here is so stylish and cosmopolita. Book here.


b) Palazzo: Also located at 12th Avenue, it has two levels! It’s very glamorous so is the preferred club for the party lovers whom party till next morning! Get tickets for Palazzo here.


c) Abolengo: With a unique concept and the best location between 12th and 1st Avenues, this “bartina” is the result of the misture of a mexican cantina with a modern bar. Abolengo Playa is perfect to taste delicious snaks and unique cocktails with your friends. Get more info and book here.


d) La Vaquita: This club is famous in all the country because it has presence in different cities of Mexico like Vallarta or Cancun. Definitely,  La Vaquita is the craziest club in Playa… Animal print decoration, sexy dancers, loud music and a cow mascot sharing shots to everybody! Tickets here.


Arrange now your Easter Holidays in Playa del Carmen and get ready to be a sinner this week!
Like I am sure to keep reading till here because you’re looking for party, get your  tickets here by using the code: Partyholic to get a 5% off in any purchase.

How to ask for a kiss in 5 different languages

You must know that Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta are visited by tourists from around the World. So if you’re spending your Easter Holidays in one of these destinations and you meet an incredibly handsome man that interests you, this guide on how to ask for a kiss in different languages will help you!




Uh la la!  Let’s start with the guys who speak the language of love! These guys are famous for being the sweetest and most affectionate. It is not for nothing that there is a kind of kiss called “French kiss”, which is basically a long, deep and very passionate tongue kiss.

Now all that you have to do is go out, find a nice French man and say, “Embrassez-moi s’il te plaît?



Well, at this point I will talk about Brazilians!!! I have discovered that these guys are super passionate and their kisses are unique and sensual…  I swear you will not regret to kiss a hot Brazilian guy! They are very daring and full of energy.

Once in a club I met a very handsome Brazilian and I challenged him to make a “fund” of tequila, he was very sure and agreed but his condition was “Si eu ganhar, você me dá um beijo” and I swear I did not lose on purpose.



Personally I think Germans are really really hot guys… I love their style and how open-minded they are. Also they LOVE Mexican women!!! I’ve actually met several Germans who have confirmed this.

Ok, now that you caught me I must confess that I have kissed a German guy too! All I can say is that I will remember that kiss forever! I was at the Pool Party at Mandala Beach and after a while,  he approached me and said “Darf ich dich küssen?” Obviously I didn’t understand him, but said yes… After he kissed me, I finally knew what he had told me.



I’m going to tell you about the guys from… ENGLAND! Who doesn’t love that accent?

Englishmen are the most gentlemen in the world, although a little cold; but that disappears after the first kiss. The kisses of these guys are super cute and quiet. They are zero risky so if you really want a kiss by a British guy, you must do half of the job by approaching him and if he likes you be ready to hear “Can I have a kiss, please ?” (Read it with English accent). The right answer is YES!



Uy uy uy, I could not leave out the kiss with a MEXICAN! The Mexicans are the funniest of all and you will always have a great time with them. The truth is that getting a kiss from a Mexican is very simple, because they are very friendly -I believe that Tequila is the cause of this charismatic personality-, so the most likely is that he’ll come up to you and say something like: “¿Unos becerros o qué?” Or he will just go and kiss you.


I am sure that during this Easter holidays you will meet guys from all nationalities, but now you know which ones are the best kissers… so get ready to be a sinner!