A walk throught the nightlife in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is one of the most beautiful places in the Mexican Caribbean, known for its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, colorful landscapes and spectacular sunsets that make you fall in love at first sight. But, it is also known for having the best nightlife in México, which you can enjoy when the streets are dressed with lights starting at sunset.block1

Walking down 12th Avenue, at the end of the street you will find La Vaquita Playa, which is the perfect place for a wild and sometimes crazy experience. You must come to this barn with lots of party attitude, because with its famous “Litros” you will celebrate without limits. While hip-hop and reggaeton hits are played at full volume, you can boost your best dance moves, even those steps that you did not remember and that will make you the king/queen of the dance floor, because here everything goes as long as you are having fun.

la vaquita


Next to La Vaquita is Abolengo, offering a totally different concept than its neighbor, but just as good. Here the music is good and the cocktails, the best you will ever try in the city, are blended to give you an unforgettable evening. Abolengo Playa del Carmen is the perfect place to meet your friends or partner and share a more relaxed, but not less fun night.

abolengo block1

Obviously during our tour of the best nightclubs in Playa del Carmen you cannot miss Mandala, by excellence the soul of the night. From its stunning decor and impressive game of colors, which are moved to the rhythm of the best music, to the surrounding atmosphere of the coolest people that lives at and visit this destination, Mandala Playa is a “must” during your visit to the Mexican Caribbean.

block mandala 1

Last but not least is Palazzo, the fancy guy of the night that gets dressed up with disco balls and offers a stunning atmosphere full of energy. To close your night with flourish, and without a doubt Palazzo Playa is the cherry on the champagne. The right place to get out your best clothes and get on the dance floor as a whole star.

block palazzo 1

Without a doubt, Playa del Carmen has much to offer to its visitors during the day, but nights are simply unbeatable! Come and enjoy!

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McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather from Cancun!

This Saturday August 26th the most expected fight McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather will happen; this event has created high expectations between the fans and it is already called as ‘the fight of the century’.


If you can not go to Las Vegas to watch this fight in the front row, don’t worry because I share with you the best plan B ever: Cancun + Watching the fight at Señor Frogs + Open Bar Included + After Party at La Vaquita. There’s nothing like Señor Frogs Cancun and its friendly and casual ambiance to enjoy the show, specially if unlimited drinks and appetizers are included!


If you want to know more about the fighters, here is a resumé:

Connor McGregor is a professional fighter in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). He’s famous for his innumerable knockouts and also for his strange sense of style outside the ring.

In the other side, the best-paid boxer in boxing history: Floyd Mayweather. At 2015, he retired unbeaten (49 victories vs 0 defeats ), his return will be tomorrow to prove that in the quadrilateral what matters is the experience.


Who’s your favorite? Mine? I am the biggest fan of all the fun and friendly ambiance of Señor Frogs and La Vaquita! So if you’re with me, click here to get pre-sale tickets for McGregor vs Mayweather and join to the partyholics… We will celebrate no matter who the winner is.


Let’s toast with mezcal during Mexico’s Fiestas Patrias

“Para todo mal mezcal y para todo bien… también” (For all evil: mezcal and for all good … as well)

Have you tried mezcal? Yes? Well, let me tell you that you have tried a pre-Hispanic drink! But today, thanks to hipsters, mezcal is the latest trend and for that reason, we will tell you 5 things you might not have known about it:


  1. Prehispanic origin

According to the legend, one day a lightning bolt, upon striking a piece of agave, produced a liquid that would later be known around the world as ‘mezcal’.

Mezcal cuenco



  1. Kisses, not drinks

You do not drink mezcal like a shot of tequila, but by ‘besitos’ (kisses). Connoisseurs say that in order to really taste mezcal it should be taken little by little and accompanied by a slice of orange, bitter chocolate or the traditional worm salt (while it doesn’t sound like it, it truly tastes delicious).

Mezcal- Botella


  1. Hangover, what is that?

Another reason to consume mezcal is that it does not make you beg for mercy the next day because of a hangover. Forget the headache, sensitivity to light and / or sound, thirst and body aches as long as you do not mix with other drinks.


  1. Drink of the Gods

There are several types of agaves, but only the Espadín and the Madrecuixe allow to generate ‘luxury’ mezcal since they are cultivated in a regulated manner. The rest of the agaves are considered wild, because they are born, grow and reproduce without supervision.



  1. More good than bad

I won’t say that mezcal is an effective syrup against all evil, but if you take it in moderation it can be beneficial for your health, because it calms the pain, avoids inflammations and as it helps you to relax it has been found to be efficient to battle insomnia.


So, do not think about it any longer and enjoy the gift the pre-Hispanic gods have for you.