3 Drinks that will make you fall in love

Everyone like to always likes to receive the best, don’t they? When talking about partying, you will surely wind up looking the best parties, clubs, environment and requesting only the best drinks.

Did I get it right again? I am sure I did! This is why today I am going to present you with my Top 3 signature drinks from one of my favorite spots in Playa del Carmen: Abolengo Bartina.


This venue was one of the first to serve their drinks in mason jars and in addition to their chic presentation and delicious taste, the size does matter at Abolengo, which is why the size of the their signature cocktails is 1 liter.

Well, enough talking. Let’s get started.

  1. Blue Cenote

This is a drink that will make you remember those wonderful summer vacations at the Riviera Maya. Its ingredients are gin, lemon, basil and curacao, which provides the blue touch causing its name. This cocktail will make sure you will never want to leave paradise.


  1. Sunset Beach

Now I am going to present you the most popular drink you will be able to find in Paradise: Sunset Beach. Its combination of vodka with touches of peach, calahua, mango, cantaloupe and raspberry will not only make your palate fall in love, but will also make you enjoy the nights in Playa del Carmen even more.


  1. The Zapata

And I have saved the best for last. “The Zapata” takes the first place and I confess that this drinks has by heart, due to the simple fact that one of ingredients is my favorite dink: BEER! But besides beer it also includes vodka, midori and syrup, which makes it look like a gem thanks to its shades of green and amber, caused by its ingredients. I am sure you will thank me once you have tried it.


These delicious liquids, better known as “signature drinks” have been created thanks to the creativity of the mixologists at Abolengo, who without a doubt earned a spot in heaven with their work. And  as such deliciousness can only be accompanied by more deliciousness I invite you to try the snacks of our food menu, which are also exquisite.

Without a doubt, Abolengo Playa has a special place in my heart and I very much recommend you to visit it and to try every milliliter of its drinks and every bit of its snacks. Listen to this partyholic!

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